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Wayne Mansfield
The illiterate of the 21st Century will NOT be those who can't read and write, but rather those who can't learn, unlearn and relearn Alvin Tofler
The illiterate of the 21st Century will NOT be those who can't read and write, but rather those who can't learn, unlearn and relearn Alvin Tofler


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The race that stops a nation
The Melbourne Cup Thought for Today 58/500 The day that stops a nation - Australia's Melbourne Cup. They even have a public holiday in Victoria for the race day. Can I make an admission - I have absolutely no interest in the race, will not have a "flutter" ...

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Maybe you should appreciate ADHD??
Did you exercise it today? Thought for Today 57/500 Each mornings walk I listen to podcasts and today I was listening to Edward M. “Ned” Hallowell, who studies ADD and ADHD which he says are wrongly diagnosed as disease - he says, and I have long believed, ...

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Is prejudice a positive or negative?
You don't belong here! Thought for today 56/500 When do prejudices harm you? Yesterday I started on upping my output for social media as I get ready to publish DONE! doing more with less the book, and some of the advice recommends outsourcing - in Australia...

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Are you a shoe girl??
When One pair of shoes is never enough Thought for Today 55/500 Back to normal - out walking at 5 am [ had to feed the Bengal [ Blu ] before leaving... he has all of us trained well. On my walk I listened to a podcast about the recent "hoo ha " about sexual...

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When is it a perfect time??
What time is it?? Nearly missed Though of Today today - nothing worked this morning... internet was RS, chrome was playing up, and windows 10 updating... so I thought lets give it a miss. I mentioned yesterday I was Unit sitting waiting for the internet con...

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Constant Negative News have a BIG day
Daily News - read all about it! Thought for Today 53/500 -Originally posted in Rebootology The news people were in 7th Heaven yesterday with the ISIS attack in New York - I think more coverage in a few hours than the whole month since Las Vegas. Make you wo...

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Schools are BAD for job creation!
Barcelona has been sold down the river! Thought for Today 52/500 On the walk this morning... I heard that most entrepreneurs didn't do well at school because they had learning issues - HDD, dyslexia, some where on the ASPERGER'S spectrum... that is the firs...

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Fact or fiction - whatever happened to trusted news?
Thought for Today 51/500 When is an apology not an apology?? I don't remember it happening, if it did I must have been drunk... and I am sorry but the demon drink made me do it - circa 2017 Kevin Spacey I still wonder how many of the actors have left for Ca...

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Just what language are Swedish instructions from IKEA written in
A Smaller IKEA Osborne Park Western Australia Thought for Today 50/500 My company on my walk to the coffee office was James Altucher interviewing Richard Branson about his new book "Finding my Virginity" I have the book - found it in an airport shop on my l...

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Is there gluten in there?
I didn't do it - promise! Thought for Today 49/500 - The unfair attack on gluten! Freakonomics Stephen Dubner has a great program on what has happened since the media has latched onto the effects of gluten - [ Celiac disease (CD) is a genetic, autoimmune di...
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