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Walter D.D.

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If the future is dear to you, view me
Old words with important meanings, coming from fresh minds.

Thanks for sharing +Arneïs Bohémond 
Parents should be able to comfort their children by saying "everything is going to be allright; it isn't the end of the world and we're doing the best we can" but i dont think you could say that to us anymore. Are we even on your list of priorities?  My dad used to say, "you are what you do, not what you say " ; well ...what you do makes me cry at night
You're going on saying you love us .. but i challenge you : please .
Make your actions reflect your words.
La terre appartient aux enfants...les adultes ne la mérite plus...
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Walter D.D.

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Walter D.D.

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Walter D.D.

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Please play me loud 

Slag pit, stag shit
Honey bring it close to my lips, yes
Don't blow those brains yet
We gotta be big boy, we gotta be big
Starfucker just like my Daddy
Just like my Daddy selling his baby just like my Daddy
Gonna strike a deal made him feel like a congressman
It runs in the family

Rest your shoulder Peaches and Cream
Everywhere a Judas as far as you can see
Beautiful angel
Calling "We got every re-run of Muhammad Ali"

Prism perfect
Honey bring it close to your lips
What is termed a landslide of principle
Proportion boy it better be big boy
Starfucker just like my Daddy
Just like my Daddy selling his baby
Just like my daddy
Gonna strike a deal make him feel
Like a Congressman
It runs in the family
Mother Mary
China white
Brown may be sweeter
She will supply
Mother Mary
China white
Brown may be sweeter
She will supply
She will supply
She will supply
She will supply

Give me a piece of love... and a heart  ( goodnight )

Tori Amos /// Boys for pele ::: professional widow [ 1996 ]
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Walter D.D.

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The Book Of My Life

In between my decorative cover, I laid a lot of colorful words
in red, blue & green. In black, sorrow and pain. All the doubts I wrote in pink. The nightmares I went through in upper case. I kept the fragrance of lofty thoughts you taught me in tight secrecy. The memories in maroon, in turquoise the joy I got side by side. Along with the moon still words are merely words you can not see. The wounds of the wind, oozing of the heart, red blood of the dream still unmakes the image of the blank space left by you. With 3 dot's I am only able to paint the sound of emptiness...

Artist: Graine de Baobab
Song: Graine d'o
Year: 2009

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Walter D.D.

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Walter D.D.

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Beastie Boys /// Check your head ::: Namaste [ 1992 ]
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Walter D.D.

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The Cure /// The Cure Unplugged ::: Love cats [[ 1991 ]]
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Walter D.D.

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The Dream Catcher

Dream catcher, dream catcher, catch me a dream.
Follow me into the mystical stream.
Where everything's wonderful and not what it seems.
But magically, mystically, wonderfully free.

You can sail through the clouds and over the moon.
Under the sea and come out in your room.
For you never go far with the Dream Catcher's web.
It all will take place inside your head.

Where fantasy and reality merge into one.
And everyone's loved and no one's undone.
For you can fly across fields and soar through the air.
You can do just about anything with nary a care.

In the Dream Catcher's web you'll always be safe.
For she loves you and keeps you tucked in your space.
All through the night till morning is near.
Then she whispers…"I love you" into your ear.

She helps you slide safely back into your bed.
Then covers you up and retires to her web.

She gently leans over and watches you sleep.
While she hangs up your bad dreams for the sun's early heat.
The good dreams stay nestled safe in her web.
For another night's dreaming that yearns to be fed.

She'll pull out a favorite and you'll dream it again.
As she helps you understand the message within.

There are Dream Catchers everywhere watching over us all.
Just waiting to help us prevent a hard fall.
So if you are happy with the dreams that you dream.
Be sure that you bless each dream catching's string.

By Shanice Thibedeau
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