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The +Washington Nationals return home after a six-game West Coast trip. It’s also another homecoming of sorts as Bryce Harper will make his first appearance at Nationals Park. The start of a three-game series against the Arizona Diamondbacks is set for 7:05 pm ET. Series preview:

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Time to get back on track tonight! Looking forward to seeing Bryce Harper make his D.C. Debut!
Bryce should still be in AAA because he is not hitting. He will be hitting below .200 in a few weeks and we will be sorry we brought him up so early. I don't understand how hitting under .200 V southpaws in AAA and under .300 v righties qualifies to be promoted to the majors. His full line in AAA was .250/.333/.375. I do agree with bringing up Moore because he hit .286/.364/.597 so that makes sense. The Gio move told me that Rizzo is following moneyball, so based on moneyball the Harper move makes no sense, especially when compared to the Moore move.
Gio is the anti-moneyball..... how many players did the Nats give up for him? Between the D-backs and Nats, the A's are building a very damn good team for the future....
The Nationals traded two for Gio and personally I think it was a great trade. Gio is awesome and it's hard not to love that guy. He's a pitcher but he can hit pretty well!
He's good, but will fade in 2nd half, like he normally does. Also there is a reason he has been traded 3 times in a short career.....
We'll see about that. He's been extremely consistent. Gio will be here for a while, I can count on that. 
Part of the game, but Hamels is a moron for talking about it. He should just kept his mouth shut, and let the teams police it. Now MLB is going to suspend him for his comments. I knew something like would happen because of Harper's antics in the minors, this is just the Big-Leaguers handling it. But somebody like Roy Halladay or Josh Johnson should of done it instead of Hamels. Hamels is in no place to talk about it, he's a little bitch to begin with.
the spine is better than the knee, shin, ankle, elbow, bicep... etc...... less meat in those areas.... =) he's strong kid, he's fine. Just needs to learn the ropes, and keep his mouth shut.
+Jason Roberts take it for what it's worth, but that is the way baseball handles it, if you think otherwise, then why did he get drilled? He got his revenge stealing home anyways.
Stop arguing please. Harper is fine and his back is fine too. 
+Jeff Hewitt You're right. Werth will be out for one and a half to two months because of his broken wrist, and that's bad news for the Nats. He's becoming somewhat of a power hitter again and he has great speed in the outfield, a crucial part of the Nats' defense.
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