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The +Washington Nationals welcome their NL East rival Braves into town for a three-game series starting tonight at 7:05. Stephen Strasburg, Gio Gonzalez and Jordan Zimmermann will take the mound for the weekend, looking to silence Atlanta’s bats.

+1 if you think the Nats can sweep the Braves again this weekend!
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I hope they can sweep them again, but I'm doubting they will be playing tonight.
They need to sweep the Braves again. That series against the Marlins was brutal. :-(
There's absolutely no chance of a game tonight.  Already 4 tornadoes have touched down and the worst of the storm hasn't happened yet.
Welcome back beast mode!!!!!!!!
Could you guys be bothered to announce the cancellation of the game now that there's a tornado moving toward SE DC and the worst part of the storm hasn't even reached the area yet?
Just rain?  Did you miss the multiple tornadoes?  How about the 1 in. hail?  Maybe the street flooding?  Oh, and then there's the part where it's not over yet as Capital Weather Gang says there's a good chance of more tornado potential shortly after 9pm with the last major thrust of the storm.

Here's a pic of East Capitol Street to let you know that it's not "just" rain.
Hey, at least they play on saturday at 4:05 pm
Update the damn Google plus stream more often!. You're too Facebook biased! We love the nats here too!
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