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Playing their final road game of the season, the Warriors came from 21 down and defeated the Timberwolves 93-88. Charles Jenkins led the way, scoring 24 points and handing out nine assists while playing all 48 minutes.

Full recap & highlights below.
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Happy that they pulled it out. I was watching the score tick down with each Quarter and was HAPPY to see them pull it out. This season cannot come to a close soon enough.

I look forward to a better season next year. We can do it... I just do not know how as of today.
where are we at with the lottery? this win could cost us.
The lottery does not build teams... Great Management does. How many teams have won the lottery and in the next 5 years won a Championship?
I agree. Great management is very much needed with this team. Because great management would get them to tank these last games. We don't even need to win the lottery; just be bad and lucky enough to get a top 7 pick. And I believe the last team to do that was Tim Duncan and the Spurs.
Apparently, management thinks it's Bogut. All I'm saying is it's better if we have a draft pick this year instead of none. I think any management guy would tell you the same. We could draft in a high talent draft class, we could trade it for other pieces, but it all depends on the ping pong balls. We'll see. As good as tonight's win is, probably won't go down in history as a game worth remembering.
Agree with Tony, wins are meaningless at this point. Would you rather have a higher pick this year in a draft that's considered to be deep, or a pick in the teens next year?
I look at the big picture. The talent is always deep but often it does not pan out as NBA players and Championships.

I want to see the Warriors become Champions, not just improve or be contenders. 
who cares anymore... will pay attention to the team when the owners decide to put a good team on the court. Enough with mediocre teams and being happy with just a win here and there!! we have to set the bar higher. Btw, agree with +antonis karagaslis why are they winning now? unless they secured the draft pick by being in the bottom 7 for sure.
A good pick in sf position and we are going to playoffs if the team stays healthy,When i look klay i realise the reason of ellis trade,
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