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Your Ultimate Social Sharing Arsenal
Your Ultimate Social Sharing Arsenal


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Social Warfare + Flipboard = A Whole New Traffic Opportunity!

Flipboard is being called a "sleeping giant" that has now awoken in this article on Mashable ( ... and here at Social Warfare, we are ready for it!

Earlier this fall, Flipboard made it easier for any publisher to join the platform.

It's a way for any publisher to reach Flipboard's audience of 100 million monthly active users.

That's right, Flipboard has 100 million monthly active users, making it a competitive traffic source. Publishers are encouraged to promote their Flipboard accounts through social plugins — and that is where Social Warfare comes in!

If your audience is already on Flipboard, you may want to select the Flipboard button so that they can easily flip your articles and blog posts.

We have had this option available for a while; however, with this recent announcement by Flipboard, we thought it was a good time to let you know that it is available.

Are you ready to give Social Warfare plugins a try? Click here to get started:

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Recent Improvements to Social Warfare: A Better Way to Include a Pinterest Image for Sharing (

Since we began our journey to create the best social sharing plugin for WordPress we had a heavy emphasis on Pinterest functionality. Being that Pinterest is a traffic-driving powerhouse, we wanted to give our users the best possible Pinterest arsenal.

The tl;dr version is that the best images for sharing on Pinterest are the tall images ... and yet they don't always necessarily look the best on your website. While our plugin had the ability to hide the tall image and share it when the Pinterest share button was clicked, the Pinterest browser extension and other third-party extensions required that the image be visible on the page.

We knew there had to be a way to make everyone happy ... so we went back to the drawing board ... and wallah!

Social Warfare – Pro now comes with the ability to add a Pin Image for Browser Extensions that will insert the image you’ve uploaded in the Custom Pinterest Image field for a given post/page into the page.

What this means is that your custom Pinterest image will be picked up by browser extensions such as:

▷ The Official Pin Button
+Buffer's Browser Extension
+Sprout Social's Browser Extension
▷ Tailwind’s Browser Extension (Pinterest Pros will love this!)
▷ Many others!

Your blog posts and pages will now be Pinterest optimized with greater sharing accessibility than ever before!

Click here to learn more about how to grow your Pinterest traffic using Social Warfare:

Img Src:

#pinterest #socialmedia #wordpress #plugin
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11 Mind Hacks to Humanize Your Social Media Presence (

We wanted to give this article a reshare today and specifically talk more about "giving your fans what they need" ... in other words, identifying who they are and what their pain points are so we can provide useful and meaningful content to help solve their problems.

For example, we know that our customers and potential customers are always looking for more ways to increase traffic to their blog via our social sharing plugin and social media. This knowledge influences the blog posts we write and the content we curate on our social channels.

By anticipating our audience's needs and providing the information they are seeking, we become viewed as a trusted resource that they can count on to provide them with quality content.

Click here to learn about 10 more "mind hacks" that you can use to humanize YOUR social media presence:

#socialmedia #strategy #smm
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When was the last time you did an SEO audit? Here's a complete guide to the basics via Search Engine Watch: (

A properly done SEO audit should give you a better insight into your website, individual pages and overall traffic. It is a great way to improve performance allowing you to rank better in the SERPs.

It is recommended that you perform an SEO audit on a regular basis (such as quarterly) and before each new project. (Of course, unless you plan to take action on the items you uncover, it is probably a waste of your time.)

Here are the basics that an SEO auditor needs to perform:

1) Technical analysis
2) On-Page analysis
3) Off-Page analysis
4) Competitive analysis and keyword research

Click here to read more:

#SEO #audit #smallbusiness
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10 Laws of Social Media Marketing (

This article on Entrepreneur is quite a few years old, and while the social media platforms may change, the fundamentals of social media marketing remain fairly constant.

From maximizing quality to increasing your online entry points, abiding by these 10 laws will help build a foundation that will serve your customers, your brand and -- perhaps most importantly -- your bottom line.

1) The Law of Listening
2) The Law of Focus
3) The Law of Quality
4) The Law of Patience
5) The Law of Compounding
6) The Law of Influence
7) The Law of Value
8) The Law of Acknowledgement
9) The Law of Accessibility
10) The Law of Reciprocity

Click through the slideshow to read more about each of these and then let's discuss in the comments below:

#socialmedia #marketing #smm
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Planning a site migration? Here's a checklist to help: (

If your web developer is planning to migrate your site and they haven't done it before or are very nonchalant about it ... run. It IS a big deal and a lot of things actually can go wrong. Even if you have done it before, having a checklist is helpful. Here's a good one on Search Engine Land:

This checklist covers:

1. Carefully consider if migration is the right choice (sometimes, it is not).
2. Use a sandbox.
3. Plan to migrate during a slow period.
4. Crawl your site before the migration.
5. Benchmark your analytics.
6. Map all changed URLs from old to new.
7. Update all internal links.
8. Self-canonicalize all new pages.
9. Resolve duplicate content issues.
10. Identify and address any removed pages.
11. Ensure that a custom 404 page is in place.
12. Manage and submit sitemaps.
13. Keep analytics in place at all times.
14. Redirect all changed links.
15. Keep control of the old domain.
16. Monitor traffic, performance, and rankings.
17. Mark dates in Google Analytics.
18. Ensure Google Search Console is properly set up.
19. Properly manage PPC.
20. Update all other platforms.
21. Reach out for your most prominent links.
22. Monitor your indexed page count.
23. Check for 404s and redirects.
24. Crawl your old URLs.

Click here to read more about each of these items:

#seo #website #webdevelopment
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Building a Brand That Will Stand Out and Resonate With Your Audience (

Are you ready to build a brand that will stand out in 2018 (and beyond)? We recently participated in a #ContentWritingChat on Twitter, hosted by Express Writers, feature guest entrepreneur and a personal brand strategist, Rochelle Moulton. The chat was in a Q&A style format, and both Rochelle and the other participants provided some terrific tips and ideas to help small businesses build their brand.

Rochelle said that having a personal brand is consistently presenting yourself and your ideas, so your “sweet spot” audience knows you. Your brand also needs to be authentic. If it’s not, people are going to see right through you.

One of the other participants, Brittany, said something that resonated with us. She said, "Your brand is your personality, your vision, and your mission. It’s all about what you do, why you do it, and how you do it. "

When it came down to the question, "How can you tell if your brand is resonating with the right audience?", we said, "Are people sharing your posts? How much time are they spending on your site? Are they leaving comments, and if so, what are they saying? These are just a few things you’ll want to ask yourself."

Click here to read the entire chat:

#brand #branding #business
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Win Free Tickets to Social Media Marketing World 2018 (

Have you always wanted to attend Social Media Marketing World in San Diego, the world’s largest social media conference dedicated to helping marketers and creators master social media marketing, but couldn't swing the price of the tickets? If so, here's your chance to party with the social media rockstars this March ... for free!

Your all-access ticket will allow you to choose from 140+ pitch-free sessions and workshops at Social Media Marketing World 2018.

And, it is incredibly easy to enter for a chance to win! All you have to do is to leave a comment on their blog post telling them about your biggest social media marketing challenge and how a free ticket will help you meet that challenge.

Our own social media nut, +Christine DeGraff, entered ... so we are probably decreasing her chances of winning by sharing this post with you ... but that's okay ... we believe in playing fair!

Click here to enter now:

#SMMW18 #SMMW2018 #socialmedia
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Are you a social marketer that wants to better do your job? (

"It's the little things that affect your number of shares." - Ian Cleary

Today, we are honored to be featured on +Social Media Examiner's Social Media Marketing podcast (and they use us on their website!) and recommended by both Michael Stelzner and Ian Cleary of RazorSocial as one of five tools that social media marketers need to better do their job.

As Michael and Ian point out, many websites don’t make it easy to share their content, especially on both desktop AND mobile. That's why they both like our WordPress social sharing plugin, Social Warfare.

Here's what Michael had to say about Social Warfare in the podcast:

"The plugin creates social-sharing options that are visually appealing but don’t slow down your site. You can put Social Warfare’s nice social sharing icons across the top of your blog and even where people can see them as they scroll down the post, as Ian does."

"We use Social Warfare on Social Media Examiner (we’re paying customers), and I like the way it aggregates all of the share counts."

One of the things that Ian likes about Social Warfare is how it allows you to add images and custom content to your posts. Ian uses Social Warfare to add portrait-style images for Pinterest so that when someone shares his article on Pinterest, it has a Pinterest-style image and description.

Similarly for Twitter, Social Warfare allows Ian to set up a Twitter image and tweet text that appear when someone shares his content on Twitter. Quite often, articles take the post title as part of a tweet, but the title may not be the best thing to share on Twitter. Plus, you’ll want to share something different on Facebook.

Now, here's the rub. This functionality is important to Ian because he thinks good social sharing can easily double the number of shares on your site. To be good, social sharing needs to work well on mobile, and include the right images and text.

Click here to listen to the podcast or to read the transcript:

#socialmedia #marketing #tools
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Here is the MAIN reason why we think your blog NEEDS our WordPress plugin: Social Warfare encourages social sharing and makes it easy for your visitors to share your posts! (

As if that isn't enough reason right there, here are a few more!

Social Warfare is the sexiest social sharing tool on the market. With a uniform yet accurate aesthetic that looks and feels legit.

Built with performance in mind, Social Warfare has the fastest loading social buttons available. They will never slow down your site.

Easily match the buttons to your website's branding. Customize the look with over 5,000 potential style combinations.

Unlock the power of Pinterest and skyrocket your content's success by uploading a Pinterest-specific image and description!

Customize the tweets that are populated when a visitor clicks your Twitter button (you can even add images if you like)!

That's not even the half of it! Visit our website to see the full feature list! Click here >>>

#socialsharing #blogging #blogger
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