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Corruptio optimi pessima
Corruptio optimi pessima
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Aww yesss

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Hipster American Psycho

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Linkin Park’s entire first album remixed with Oppa Gangnam Style.
Better than expected.

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Well.... my monthly available quota is higher than normal
 (supposed to be 100GB, not 10TB)

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Gezien in de boekenwinkel
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Meteor crashing into Russia

Падение метеорита

From now on all computer science and IT jobs will be referred to as "beep boop." As in "oh man I am running late for beep boop." Or "I have been beep booping professionally for 15 years."

-- Via

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\o/ I had a part in this.

SuperTuxKart 0.8 released.

Hi all,
over a year after the 0.7.3 release, we are proud and excited to announce the release of SuperTuxKart 0.8! We have closed over 230 tickets, and made some significant changes: You can now enjoy a story mode with challenges against a stronger AI, and improved physics with better skidding and collisions. Tracks can be driven in reverse, and we have new music especially composed for SuperTuxKart. To see it in action:
Many many more changes were done, the main ones are:
* Story mode and new challenge set
* Improved AI
* Skidding and better collision physics
* Reverse mode
* New green valley track
* New Blackhill Mansion track
* Updated XR591 track
* Updated Fort Magma track
* Updated Jungle track
* Updated Sand track
* New music
* Updated menus

We hope you will enjoy this brand new version!
Head over to to download the game now! Windows and OSX binaries are already available, and Linux binaries should appear in the coming days as packagers make binaries for various distributions.

A big thanks to all the people who have contributed to SuperTuxKart, without whom this release would not have been possible (full list in the credits of the game).
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