#figurephotochallenge : Colorful.

The hair, clothes, even eye colors, figures tend to inherently be very colorful. Even those with monochromatic looks tend to still have a little splash of color to make them pop.

Do you have any figures that you would consider colorful? Or perhaps there's some photographic technique that can make anything colorful :).

Suggested by +Mellisa Venn in this post: https://goo.gl/nXaRhB

As always, get creative, have fun, and tag it with #figurephotochallenge!

Photo Credit : Hatsune Miku by +Mellisa Vennhttps://goo.gl/nXaRhB
Photo Note : We've done a few color challenges in the past, including Colors (http://goo.gl/lWf5E) and Vivid Colors (http://goo.gl/0dI48Q) so how you want to interpret this one to be different from the others is up to you. Maybe it's time to start repeating challenges :P.

#figurephotochallenge #colorful

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