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+Yi Hsieh and +Shance Rainbowsphere cover the nekomimi trope. A nice quick read with a little bit of introspection and analysis.

And another from Ryan about the difference in western and japanese cat anthropomorphisms:

I think there's a little more historically and culturally that result in the nekomimi bit than either post covers, but they're good reads either way.
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I think people are leaving things out like the Puma Twins from Dominion Tank Police. They even made reference to them stripping before they broke out into their famous strip tease in the series.
That may be the curse of the modern anime viewer being imbued with the current moe era of anime and the more obvious associations with cute nekomimi.

I wonder how many other cat anthropomorphisms there are that aren't necessarily in the moe realm. Or where the first sightings of nekomimi appeared. Sounds like a question for Ask John (or maybe even something he's answered already).
It's definitely a problem, especially here in the States, it seems that people "forget" anime for the most part if falls into the "older than 18 months" category. It's especially sen at conventions and the sort, but even then how many people would remember Nuku Nuku?
+Yi Hsieh I think that could be something interesting. Are we thinking a new topic or a repost?
it could certainly be of interest to see if our topics cross paths :)
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