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+Snippet Tee talks about architecture in Tari Tari.  I havent seen the show yet so I have nothing to go on it other than the screenshots, but I do appreciate the time it takes to create compelling background elements that work well with a story.  Makoto Shinkai, of course, is a great example of a detailed world background.

Not to diverge, but other shows like Madoka and Bakemonogatari achieve that aesthetic detail well in terms of presentations and the depth good backgrounding can give to a series.

I'm sure from an artistic point of view, the complete opposite can be true to, where the background is almost ignored to bring the characters completely to the forefront.  I know it's not quite the same, but the way Mawaru Penguindrum eliminated, or rather abstracted away, any non primary characters completely cut the distraction of other people from the story.

Small choices like that can certainly make a great positive impact... but it can equally make a completely negative impact.  For me, and don't ask me why I watched it, Mayo Chiki's inclusion of +Danny Choo's mascot Mirai in a few scenes utterly shifted way too much focus to an otherwise completely unimportant character.  It would have actually have been better to have the character somehow interact with the main crew rather than to be an intrusive background character.  Sometimes, these choices aren't careful enough of the rippling impact it can have on the scene, story, characters and even the brand outside of the context of the show.

Ok, rant done.
Glass structures, clean lines, and simple colour combinations are the few things that I instantly noticed when watching Tari tari. …Continue reading »
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The K-ON! movie is another recent example of great backgrounds (not to mention lighting). Many of the backgrounds looked like something you'd frame and hang up on the wall.
I didn't realize that Mirai cameo'd in MayoChiki until you mentioned it. I guess she didn't distract me, eh? :>
+Cory Schmunsler still need to see the movie :)

+Sandy Whitmore I think I was a bit biased since I knew going into it that she was there so I was keeping an eye out.  Perhaps a bit hypocritical of me when admittedly I was actively looking to see where she appeared.  But I think there were extra antics assigned to her that went beyond what would have been done with other characters.

Perhaps a little promotion and even simply the ability to get your own character into an anime is more to be applauded rather than criticized.  I probably was a tad too critical :)
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