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#figurefridayfavorite  : +heiwa fr's jelly beans.

They're not perfectly circular ( #figurefridaychallenge : http://goo.gl/hTA3C), but the added pop of color and the slightly white feel of the picture really makes this one stand out.  And the added touch of circular bases. :)

Oh, and a bonus figure (or two) in the background.  Care to guess who it may be?

Thanks for sharing!

Other notables:
+Ni Ondoy's circular stands : http://goo.gl/WsP6v
+Albert Nakano's Miyukihttp://goo.gl/9uXkv
+yang yun's Eva Ichiban Kujihttp://goo.gl/bdi3M

Previously: http://goo.gl/wE36F

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Good choice. And thanks for the mention. It's actually a Miyuki figure that I used this week.
fixed :)  I should have known...
I wanted to do something, had a few ideas, but I was busy with another shoot I did...
I'm happy that you like it !
Background : Musubi (right)
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