April Ripple Event

...starts with this photo. Let's see what happens for this month's event if we try this instead.

I'm going to post a figure photo and tag two people. They're going to post a figure photo and tag two more/different people. Then I'll update my post with links to theirs.

This way we'll have a ripple effect of posts that go on. This will either go on forever, or it'll die once none of the people tagged participate. We'll see how well it works :).

Q: How do I participate?
A: You have to be tagged by someone, so you can stalk people who were already tagged and ask them to tag you if they haven't already picked people :).

Q: Can you repeat participants?
A: Ideally we shouldn't, but I suspect there will be no way to really keep track if this works right.

Q: Does it have to be Google+ people?
A: Nope, anyone will do. But how you let them know is up to you to make it work.

Q: Can I tag more than 2 people?
A: Nope!

Q: What happens if the people I tag don't post anything?
A: Then you're responsible for bringing that part of the ripple to an end.

Q: Can I try again if the people I tagged don't participate?
A: Nope! But we'll do this again next month so you can try again then (with different people!)

Q: Can you refuse to link to the post the person you tagged made?
A: Sure, maybe you think it was inappropriate or it just didn't pass your taste test. That's completely up to you and the person you tagged to decide.

Q: How long will this last?
A: No clue. But if it dies, we can restart a new one next month.

I'll add more Q/A as needed.

Anyway, enough talk, let's see what happens. Perhaps you can make an entry like this and copy the Template along with it:

(I have no way to enforce this, nor explain it to future people posting, so, um, good luck!)

✿ April Ripple Event ✿

Momohime is, and looks like will always be my favorite, so what better way to start this out than with her.

Next: +Francis Huang : https://goo.gl/C4ddFF
Next: +jeremiah jahn : https://goo.gl/9MqvoL

From: This is the seed post!


✿✿✿ What is a ripple? https://goo.gl/2xRV4z ✿✿✿


TEMPLATE / テンプレート
**✿ April Ripple Event / 四月のリップル・イベント ✿**
(Like a game of tag / フィギュア写真を使って鬼ごっこみたいな遊び)

📖 <Describe why you're posting your photo, including, if possible, any connections to the previous photo / 投稿写真の説明文、出来れば前投稿と何か関連があって欲しい。>

⇨ Next / 次: <person / 名前> : <URL to their post / 投稿したらURLを加える>
⇨ Next / 次: <person / 名前> : <URL to their post / 投稿したらURLを加える>

⇦ From / 前: <Name / 名前> : <URL that tagged you / あなたがタッグされたURLを書き入れる>


✿✿✿ What is a ripple / 「リップル」ってなんですか? https://goo.gl/2xRV4z

(Template translation by +Albert Nakano)
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