#figurephotofavorite : +Sellie Rebgen's Fall of Belva (Request: High and Low)

And here we have Belva's metaphorical demise from the highs of her career, to now the lows, although for the photographer, the narrative and concept of these appear to be approaching the high side of things. With some poignant photography and a narrative attached to it, we have a complete package showcasing the rise and fall of a diva.

And looks like +Sellie Rebgen already has a topic in mind for next month: Print Advertisement.

Note: I had mentioned previously that the Request issuer, in this case +Don Yang, would be able to pick the favorite of the week, but seeing that the selections were a little sparse, we'll have him return back some other week to see what he prefers.

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+Don Yang's High and Low : https://goo.gl/N7o5Z5

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I really appreciate these weekly challenges, the limited amount of time to complete them makes it so I'm not throwing myself into epic prop building mode... Which is what is happening with my current personal figure photography project, I think when I estimate a month for completion time I am being optimistic. With the time frame set for these challenges I may still have to make items for the shoot, but I have to make certain that completion is attainable in a realistic amount of time. So I'd like to thank you for these challenges or I would not actually be taking photos on a regular basis.

Now onto the #figurephotochallenge High and Low. I completely agree with Don when he said that this theme "is open to many interpretations" and I think that is why this challenge can have a very diverse number of submissions. I know as I had a number of casting choices come to mind, each with a different interpretation of the challenge theme. In the end I decided to go with Belva as I thought that her version of High and Low was interesting and it assists in further developing her as a person in the Idol-A universe.

Virtuoso's Quintessential Fall

Interprets High and Low in the spatial sense, then in the personal level of success and happiness felt by Belva.

The raised placement of Belva in the Boston Symphony Hall poster represents the past and shows her at the pinnacle of success as performing at such a grand venue for a musician is a great honour. The Belva in the present has fallen and surrounds herself of the sound of her success. Though the records that represent her music and thus her accomplishments are scattered without thought around her on the ground along with bottles of Shiraz. In the corner, below her crowning achievement is a shattered record which further indicates her personal low.

I thought that keeping her in the dress which she is wearing in the photo could be a risky move it could be interpreted several ways. It is supposed to indicate her depression and her desire to return to that time where she was at the top of her musical career and riding her greatest high which I think further reinforces the low in which she has reached when taking in the rest of the scene.

However, it could also be seen as Belva returning from the concert and partying alone with bottles of wine. This interpretation is still pretty sad and I think would still qualify as a low. So I went with the risk.

I have decided that this is the year that I put as much thought as possible into all of my photographs and try to elevate the image and the interpretation. So I apologize for the novels that I intend to include with each submission. I have to wonder did the photo capture what I hoped it would? Any input both positive and critical would be appreciated.

As for a challenge idea for next month, my suggestion would be "Print Advertisement".
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