#figurephotofavorite : +Don Yang's Prismatic (Open Challenge).

Light can not only be used to add illumination to a figure, you can also use it and be playful with it too. Just be careful with prisms, those beams can get pretty hot.

Other notables:
+Albert Nakano's Miho : https://goo.gl/vT1RQN

⌘ Submissions: 3 (from 3 participants)
⌘ Challenge (Open Challenge): https://goo.gl/xwurMs
⌘ Event: https://goo.gl/QAxC14
⌘ Poll: https://goo.gl/EfxRfW
⌘ Previously: https://goo.gl/qdUYSa

#figurephotofavorite #openchallenge

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