#figurephotofavorite : +Vincent H's Ignis (Obscure).

When you have it, you flaunt it. In this case Ignis' hair does the trick beautifully to give her a wonderful sense of motion and to obscure her expression hiding behind her hair. With her sword drawn, is it one of anticipation? Satisfaction?

Other notables:
+jeremiah jahn's Jubei : https://goo.gl/MoVboC
+Don Yang's Flying : https://goo.gl/LPg6Sg

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#figurephotochallenge : Obscure

Take Two: Original post got stuck and lost in spam filter. This is what happens when I actually feel motivated enough to post back-to-back...

I thought about applying different meaning of "Obscure" which could mean something not very well known. Amongst my collection of figures, this is probably the least well known one of all, mostly due to the fact it is based on adult graphic novel/game from a dozen year ago that somehow came out in figure form much later. I chose the shot that hides her face to add another level of obscurity. Maybe I overdid it... #JingaiMakyou #Ignis
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