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Some itachari, and a quite origin of the itasha.
Cars decorated with manga/anime and video game characters first appeared in Japan during the ’80s, but after 2000 they became a real phenomenon. They are called itasha, a term that originally meant “Italian car” (because during the ’80s Italian cars were known as stylish), but now it is written 痛車, which means “pain cars"… because they are painfully expensive…

However, there are also less expensive solutions for the fans. Since in Japan the bicycles are very popular, it is only natural that the itasha two-wheeled equivalent is also available: meet the itachari (chari means bicycle), spectacularly adorned bikes. If you’re wondering, the characters on these itachari photographed in Akihabara, Tokyo, are from the Idolmaster video game.
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wara zashi

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I sort of like the simple nature of the WIP by +Otaku chee.  Perhaps even more than the final completed version:

Working on a Sorairo Muffler fanart, they look badass in After Rain Quest !
Thanks Saine xD
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wara zashi

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From something I don't watch (Love Live), but cute anyway.


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#figurefriday  : Momohime.

When it comes to detail, I don't think much beats Momohime for me.  She's relatively an old figure, and the new ones coming out nowadays are remarkable packed with details and designs of their own, but I think she still stands up well.  The whole aesthetic works well on her and the design details, everything from the wrapping on the scabbard, the handle of the blade, the blade itself, her shoulder armor, the obi, wafuku, flower in her hair, zoori, the sculpt choice for the base, her leggings... the list goes on, are packed with details.

Each time I take a photo of her, I can appreciate seeing her details up close and I'm still amazed how much I like this figure, my very first one (, from just about 4 years ago.

Momohime's Album:
This week's #figurefridaychallenge  - Intricate Detail and Design
This week's #figurefridayfavorite  - Yotsuba
Figure Photography Community:


#figurefriday #figurephotos #figurefridaychallenge   #intricate   #detail   #design  

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+wara zashi oh thank you it just looked a lot like oichi from sengoku basara  
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wara zashi

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Now I want to see the whole cast. :)

So Cute!

Via @epshshi on Twitter:
(Currently still looking for source)
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haha, in their "normal" attire like these, not their alternate ones :)
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I'm sure if I understood some music theory, there would be a nice and simple explanation as to why things like this work so well together.

Via a non publish share (SF)
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I feel like they're altered a little to match beats, but I didnt quite look closely either :P
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+takashi kitajima does a lot of these really bokeh dof shots, and I think this one is one of the nicer ones.  Like a cloud of marbles surrounding the Sky Tree.

Via +Albert Nakano 

highest tower of Tokyo
I thought of the method of fully acquiring exposure time. Because I wanted to try it, I decided to photograph it experimentally in the nearest observation deck from the office only for 30 minutes.


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Latte art can get pretty complex.

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wara zashi

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Feels so lonely.

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wara zashi

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It feels so serene.

#notmyart   #touhou  
東方(Touhou Project) - 「白玉楼」/「seeker」
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