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Sigh.  I've been mulling over this a while.  Not quite sure what to do with it.  Not quite sure what decisions to make.  Not quite sure what directions to take.  All the while, indecision makes you stuck in limbo.

That's normally how I kill things.  Limbo.  Death by inaction.  Death by inability to start because you can see where you want it to go, and it's a lot of work and effort to get there.  Achieving that takes time and patience (and skill).  And that makes goals seem like they're far away.  So you tuck it away in the corner of your mind and let it brew.

You also don't really let anyone else in on the plan because, well, that requires commitment and expectations and goals and results.

But, that's why I'm here in this account right?  My normal self would be mired in self doubt, expectations, and detail overload and cant really do things because, well, it may just not fit in with what I should be doing.

So, let me try something new.  I have goals.  Those I may still hide a little up my sleeves, but I need to begin somewhere.  Something needs to get started.  Somehow it needs to get going.

I just need to remember, everything has a beginning, even if it's just a placeholder:

(Spurred on to finally at least commit to revealing this by these recent videos: and and fulfilling my promise from here:
A custom domain for the Figure Photography Community on Google+:
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Momohime!! <3
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wara zashi

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I've always liked the designs of the 7th Dragon characters, 2020 or not.

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Assuming a new, typically anglicized name at a later age ends up creating a new identity of behavior.  To some extent, it feels familiar to how one decides on a persona for a pseudonym.

With time though, if you let it, they will naturally start to become one and the same.  But for a while, there will be that difference in though as to how to treat each named identity, voluntarily or involuntarily.
Man, I can totally relate to this story. Like the author, Victor is my middle name too, mostly because most Americans either won't remember my first name or fail to pronounce it correctly.

This is also absolutely true in many Asian countries/communities:
In Taiwan and other places, it’s not uncommon for people to have colloquial English names they use in English classes and among friends or at work. Adopted names are typically chosen by English teachers for conversational practice in the classroom, but parents are starting to choose these names for their children as English-learning starts at younger ages.
The author, a Taiwanese expat in the U.S., writes about her American identity as 'Andria.'
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Any other takers from different religion? XD
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Some people like to buy figures based on characters they know and love, others like to buy figures simply because they look good, even if they know nothing about them.

Let's assume this ignores the cost of the figure :).

Which are you?
This week's challenge is up on MFC:

Poll : Figure purchases are dependent on... (aside from cost :P)

This week's poll was triggered by this entry:

(Photo credit : Kotobuki Tsumugi shot by koko:
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Figure is really never that cheap no matter the cost...
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wara zashi

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Choices choices.

Via +sinI finetrick 



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+Miles Lugo did you press the translate button?
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The Miyazaki Collection is nice, but I really want a full Ghibli Complete Collection.
Collected works of Hayao Miyazaki coming to Blu-Ray in the U.S.

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These sketches by +aya kataoka are so cute!  Especially the dog's expressions.  For some reason, the shy expression near the bottom left reminds me a little of the character stylings of Honey and Clover.

#notmyart   #lineart  
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you're welcome.  Nice work!
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Best anime for: Tragic Romance

We did one just on Relationships before: but this time it would be interesting to take it to a little more specific level.

After recently seeing series like Plastic Memories and Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso, there's a certain amount of emotional catharsis that's welcome with a good story about a couple, even if you know that it's just heading for a darker, tragic, or just a non Hollywood ending.

Which series have had the guts to pull off that type of ending?


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Saikano is pretty good. Though the live action didn't flow well. 
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I always forget about the Hobby Maker Show which happens right after WonFes, probably because it's an industry show so less pictures.  But in general, they're simply both shows that I probably wont ever get a chance to visit.

So other people's pictures it is.

#notmyphoto   #figurefindings  
Photos taken at the Hobby Maker Show yesterday starting off with Sorceress by Max Factory.
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+wara zashi​ turn this community into industry trading group of figurines, so you can represent yourself with media credentials.
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Wow.  This is one way to do a tribute video for Miyazaki.  It's so enjoyable seeing things from new angles and different experiences with the well known characters.

Via @CreatorsProject:

and +Nerdist
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Again, only really relevant in Japan as the mascot wont carry over to the US, I don't think.  But it's nice to see them trying for that market.  Of course, unofficially, there's a whole lot more OS-tans around than just the few covered in the video.
Microsoft personified Windows 10 into a magical anime girl. (I wonder how she gets along with Cortana?) Watch CNET Update and discover the anime universe of Windows operating systems.
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I don't know
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