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£269, for 64GB of internal storage + quad-core processor + 3GB of RAM + 5.5in full HD 1080p display +13MP camera capable of shooting 4K video, + 5MP front-facing camera, + 3,100mAh battery, 4G LTE Support ?????

I must say I am now a Fan of #OneplusOne 
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All these kick-ass smartphones has got a man spinning , but as they say in Islam , there is only one God !
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Enjoy it +Lilian Law 
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I must say I am impressed with the Virtual assistant "Cortana". Seems Microsoft are attempting to play with the Big Kid ~ Google. This is a very good step! Looks like Siri is a Low bar here!!!! #cortana #siri #googlenow #microsoft 
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Hopefully this new Gmail UI will come along with Google Now for chrome :-) #gmailupdate   #Googlenow   #Chrome  
Leaked Gmail Screenshots show new Android design UI

Superman, I mean +Russell Holly, has obtained leaked images from an upcoming version of Gmail for Android. The app below looks almost nothing like the current Gmail app, sporting a very different user interface. It's very color, much prettier, and has no action overflow menu.

Full story on

What if this is the new design method for Android? A more colorful, prettier UI. The design language below looks very similar to the colorful UI we've seen on Android Wear. What if Android Wear is sporting the new Android Design guidelines from Google and that's the directoin Android is going too? I guess we'll find out soon enough. Maybe at #IO14?

What do you think?
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You will see the update soon +Sandra Marariromba  Keep calm
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My Gmail Shelfie   #gmailshelfie  
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I will +Charles Bvute
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Dear Google. Have I told you lately that "I love you" I have used Windows rdp but I think Google's own solutions to access a remote computer is better than Windows' own. #chromeremotefordesktop #Chrome #Android 
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I am gonna Ctrl-Alt-Del you +Doreen Cornish 
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I think the problem with Apple is Tim Cook, he basically has an attitude of litigate rather than innovate - the only innovation that Apple has made in nearly 3 years is the finger print scanner and the 64bit processors, while everyone else has sprinted forwards with better screens, better build (HTC), better features like NFC, better connectivity, better functionality - iOS7 brought the iPhone to 3 years behind everyone else, because iOS6 was basically the original OS with a few tweaks - Apple need to remove Cook and put someone in charge who actually believes in R&D!
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The fingerprint scanner first seen on a Moto phone 2 years b4 and been on laptops for even longer. Not what most would call innovative.
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Not including a start menu in Windows 8 from the very beginning has cost Microsoft billions in lost sales. 
Still, better late than never 
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Cheers +David Hasselhoff 
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You Got to love AutoHoffsome #Aprilfoolsday #googleplusupdate #AutoHoffsome #photobomb  
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You talkin' to me? #Hoffsome
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I read in our World Book Encyclopaedia collection that the Germanic name Walter had two meanings:

1. "Ruler of an army" from the German words "walten" (v. to rule, reign, control, govern (root: 'walt-') and "Heer" (n. army or military troops)

2. "Lord of the Forest" from the German words "Wald" (n. forest) (the final 'd' is pronounced hard like a 't') and "Herr" (n. lord, master, ruler, God, gentleman, Mister, title of respect for a man, man, grown male).

I tend to go with #2 because the direct translation of "lord of the forest" would be "(der) Herr des Waldes" or "(der) Waldherr "forest lord"". ("Waldherr" is still an actual family name.) In fact, the older spelling of the name was "Walther" (e.g. Walther von there Vogelweide - German poet ~ 1200 AD). In German, putting the two words "walten" and "Heer" together to form Waltheer would be translated "a ruling army' or "the governing army", denoting that the whole army was doing the ruling or governing and not referencing any single individual. The way you would translate "ruler of the/an army" would be "(der) Heerwalter". Here, the ending "walter" would simply be translated "one who rules, reigns, controls, governs". German removes the final '-en' from the infinitive form of the verb, adds '-er' to the end of the root and capitalizes the word to create another word meaning one who performs that action. So from the way German forms its words, meaning #2 is grammatically correct; meaning #1 is not. Some explanations have the name coming from the Normanic influence on the Old English cognate "Wealdhere" (but "weald" means forest and "here" means army or enemy (could also refer to an individual enemy)) but the name "Walther" was already in use over in Germany and Austria at that time.

Still, if you ask me, both meanings are pretty cool

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Fish not bad but disappointed with Chips... They were very dry...
Public - 3 months ago
reviewed 3 months ago
Will always be reminded of the best Jacket potatoes with a salad garnish, chicken, bacon and sweetcorn.
Public - 5 months ago
reviewed 5 months ago
Not as I expected...Would not recommend this hotel to anyone:-(
Atmosphere: Poor to fairDecor: Poor to fairService: Good
Public - 6 months ago
reviewed 6 months ago
8 reviews
Lovely coffee. However staff are way too pleasant and kind, its unbearable at times. Service with a smile taken to a new level!
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Great stadium ~ Lovely atmosphere during the match. I would definitely go back.
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