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Learn Yoga & Meditation from Yoga Icon Wai Lana
Learn Yoga & Meditation from Yoga Icon Wai Lana

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10 Minute Guided Meditation with Wai Lana
Experience yourself the wonderful benefits of Meditation

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#Care for Your #Ears #Naturally

Hearing plays an important role in how we relate to the world. Think of all the different #sounds we might hear in a day. A persistent alarm clock, the sound of children laughing, or heavy rainfall—all of these sounds communicate something to us. What about a song that lifts our spirits, a helpful conversation we recently had, or the time we heard someone crying for help? Our sense of #hearing has the potential to profoundly connect us to others and to the outside world.

Improper #ear care is one of the biggest factors in poor hearing. With proper attention, however, we can help preserve this vital sense.

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To-Do List #Tips

It’s funny how a little piece of paper with a few notes scribbled on it can make a big difference to a day. Most people find they feel more #focused and less #stressed when they have a to-do list.

Whether you write yours down, keep it in your phone, or on your computer, here are a few ways to make your to-do list work well for you.

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#Sharpen Your #Mind #Naturally

Most of us experience small #memory lapses from time to time - names, dates, phone numbers, and all kinds of familiar information are suddenly forgotten. It can be frustrating at times.

Maybe you were planning to pick up groceries on the way home and remembered when you pulled into your driveway. Or you are introduced to a new colleague at a business meeting and moments later you can’t remember his name. Do these kinds of things ever happen to you?

According to the ancient system of #Ayurveda, it’s not only age that affects decline in memory and mental capacity, but also our lifestyle choices. Here are a few ways to sharpen your mind, #naturally.

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The #Benefits of a #Plant-Based #Yoga #Diet

If you’re like many people who are interested in improving their #health, you may already be moving towards a plant-based diet and reducing the amount of meat you eat. A wholesome #vegetarian diet can help maintain a #healthy body weight, boosts immunity, and may even slow the aging process.

This doesn’t mean that we will never suffer from disease or that the body won’t get old. But with a wholesome yoga diet, we can maximize our daily intake of health-enhancing nutrition, reducing our chances of becoming diseased.

A good diet also makes us feel more vibrant and can help us stay active well into old age.

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3 Qualities for a Stress-Free Asana Practice

The ancient science of #yoga offers profound benefits that go far beyond the physical. But in order to enjoy all of yoga’s benefits— #physical, #mental, and #spiritual—we need to cultivate a certain #mindset.

#Asanas were designed to enable the practitioner to sit for long periods of time in #meditation, so as to achieve the ultimate goal of self-realization. Even if our goals are less lofty, our asana practice can help us develop qualities that contribute to inner #peace and a higher consciousness.

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Practicing #Yoga #Asanas with a #Healed #Injury

Think back to any #injuries you might have sustained—maybe a broken bone, a torn ligament, sprained ankle, or a back or shoulder injury. Most of us have hurt ourselves in one way or another over the years.

If we were able to take care of these injuries properly and they healed well, they may not bother us anymore. But sometimes, though seemingly healed, they can come back to haunt us.

When we practice yoga asanas, we gently extend our range of motion. Sometimes, while doing this, we might notice a little twinge or an ache in an area we thought was healed. So what should we do? Stop? Keep stretching to try to work through it?

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Wai Lana Yoga Dance - Wai Lana Singing and Dancing from her yoga TV series on PBS. Beautiful natural scenery and surfers riding waves can be seen in the background.

Thank You and Namaste

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