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Wacom answered questions from audience
G+ for Visual Artists With Brian Matiash
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Why is the new hybrid tablet crazy expensive?
+Ed Smith The Hybird is essentially a Cintiq plus a tablet so take the price of a cintiq 13hd then add the price of a tablet then there you have it.
Yeah, but try to find a tablet/laptop for that price in the market. Next question, then why is the 13hd cintiq 1k? They have a monopoly on digital art so they can charge what ever they want. The prices are a joke.
Hi there, I have a lot of questions about the Companion, I hope to remember them all :)
Will there be a student discount for the people who are getting into the community of Creative Arts and are less fortunate and want a visual hands on tablet to push their Idea/Concept further to make it come to life?
So, first, I haven't understood if the Companion too can be connected to a pc and used as a classic cintiq 13hd
Thank you for the event.  Well done
- Then, is it possible to create custom touch GUI on the screen?
I really like the ArtDock gui found in other tablets, and I wonder if Wacom has something similar to organize the most used buttons/modifiers (ctrl,shift,alt,space etc.) directly on screen.
- And again, why the frame of the Companion is so wide?
This is a bit of a concern for me: I find the screen size perfect (13"), but with such a big frame, this must be the equivalent of a 15" tablet. It doesn't sound so portable, any chance to see a narrower farme in the future?
can the keys on top be flipped
 if you are left handed ? 
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