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Trivia time! Who can tell us what the Hydraulic Brake Assist safety feature does? Click if you need some help with the answer.
Learn how the Power of German Engineering is used to develop active and passive safety features that make Volkswagen vehicles some of the safest automobiles on the road.
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Makes braking easier and more powerful?
It distributes the braking power from
front to rear based on how the car is loaded.
My 1980 Rabbit has that feature Matt. Is the new system hydro and that's the difference? I would think that instead of vacuum assist (via brake booster) that uses air (which is soft and highly compressible) it is a hydro system that is much more reliable and stronger. Therefor it makes braking stronger and safer. VW for life!!!!!!
VW uses hydraulic while others, like Honda use electronic. Either provides optimal braking power however the car is loaded.
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