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Archiving your tweets is very easy.
Founder & CEO, Longaccess (the company behind
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Why (and how) we put our Terms of Service on GitHub.

It's nice to say that you are customer-centric, customer-first, etc, but what really matters is how much of this you are willing to put down on paper. Your Terms of Service are the actual contract between you and your clients, not your keynote presentations, or your posts on Facebook and twitter.

#github   #termsofservice  
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Wired UK has a nice article about our company.
Wired UK: Longaccess is your Swiss bank for personal data.
Unlike other file lockers such as Dropbox or Google Drive, Longaccess aims to be less accessible, but more dependable.
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Εργαστήριο Personal Digital Archiving από την Longaccess

Σκεφτόμαστε, ως Longaccess, να αξιοποιήσουμε τόσο την δική μας γνώση όσο και την εμπειρία που μπορούμε να φέρουμε από έξω και να ξεκινήσουμε ένα ολιγόωρο σεμιναρίο/εργαστηρίο με θέμα την διατήρηση των προσωπικών/οικογενειακών αρχείων που δεν θα απευθύνεται σε ειδικούς, αλλά στον καθένα από εμάς που αποθηκεύει και διατηρεί το υλικό αυτό κάπου ανάμεσα στον υπολογιστή του, το κινητό του και διάφορες on-line υπηρεσίες.

Όποιος ενδιαφέρεται, μπορεί να συμπληρώσει την σχετική φόρμα και θα τον ενημερώσουμε μόλις έχουμε συγκεκριμένες μέρες και ώρες.
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a (almost complete) list of our contributions to other open source projects.

The other day I mentioned on twitter one that one of our pull requests was merged to an open source project. Then @pgaval replied that it's nice to see companies announce their contributions to open source projects, and I totally agree.

I would even like this to be an important thing for tech companies. And I don't mean just big companies, like Google or Facebook that have the luxury to open source entire projects. I'm talking about small startups, like ours, that contribute and improve the existing code base we all depend on.

So, apart from our own project's code, here is a (almost complete) list of our pull requests so far. It's not like a million lines of code, but we are proud we can contribute while building our own product.
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A great idea!
A great reunion party favor

How to use a +longaccess Certificate as a small but valuable party favor for your school reunion.
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Keep your rarely used files in cold storage for a fraction of the cost you pay in other services. If you ever need them, just de-freeze them a couple of hours in advance.
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A very short demo of +Longaccess.
Preserving your data for decades can be extremely easy!
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Thank you for your response, I will be looking forward for the announcement...
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We are on TechCrunch. Spread the word!
+longaccess in TC! YES.
Tech people are probably used to the idea that we'll have our memories and photos stored online. Sure, we have it in the backs of our mind that it'll all be..
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my little daughter’s scrapbook, and digital content.

(How to embed digital content in a traditional scrapbook)

#preservation   #archiving   #digitalarchiving    #scrapbooking  
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The kindergarten art archive

What if kindergartens had a long term archive of kids drawings? A public one. Imagine the things you could study if you had access to it…

#kids   #art   #kindergarten   #preservation  
The kindergarten art archive

What if kindergartens had a long term archive of kids drawings? A public one. Imagine the things you could study if you had access to it…

#kids   #art   #kindergarten   #preservation  
What if kindergartens had a long term archive of kids drawings? A public one. Imagine the things you could study if you …
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We recently released version lacli 0.2rc2. This is a step-by-step introduction on how to use it.
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Founder, CEO at longacces. Also blogger, open source enthousiast, creative commons supporter
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First personal site in 1998. Running a blog since 2003. Started podcasting in January 2005. Created "monitor", *the* greek blogs aggregator for some years, in 2005. Worked for a Prime Minister.
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Athens, Greece
CEO at longaccess
  • longaccess
    Founder & CEO, 2013 - present
    Our mission is to safeguard and preserve personal digital archives for the future.
  • freelancer
    2012 - 2013
  • assetOgilvy
    360 Digital Influence Director, 2011 - 2012
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