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MMO, strategic, social game.
MMO, strategic, social game.


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Watch vPopulus PRIME Tutorial! Don't forget to share with your friends!
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We're in the process of implementing in-game Alliances, what are your suggestions for it?
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Still today we'll add Italian, Turkish, Polish, Serbian and Portuguese to vPopulus live version! If you want to translate vPopulus to your native language go to
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Checkout this great article written by vPopulus citizen DexaPoli ;)
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Starting with elections, as it was said HERE, elections will go as the following:

“Day 1 - Create party and propose Candidate to Country President & Congress candidates

Day 2 - Country President Elections; The president won’t be able to propose laws.

Day 3 - Presidential Elections results & Congress Elections;

Day 4 - Congress Elections & both President and Congress can now propose and vote laws.”

Some extra details regarding elections,

- Congress seats will be based on the country Population, more population means more seats.

- Party Leader cannot candidate neither for Country President nor Congress.

- Congress elections will be based on Mixed-Member Proportional Representation (MMP)

- To vote for Country President you’ll have to be in a original region of the country

- To vote for Congress, you’ll have to be in the same region as the candidate

- Congress members and country President will receive the respective medals (and 5 gold awarded for the medal)


In our original idea, military module would start after approximately one month, players didn’t seem to liked that, so we decided to hurry it up and everyone needs hospital to fight, so…

- Countries will start with 25000 currency and 500 gold

- Military module will start around day 15th

- All country capitals will have Q3 Hospital

- Once military module starts country will receive an additional 25000 currency and 500 gold


About players from old vPopulus (beta) they won't be forgotten, every player from beta will receive an email with a statement about release date. Players that register with the same email as in beta will receive a 5 gold bonus, with the possibility of some more advantages later on.


Two big important issues, we want every country to be successfully and for that there must be players and enough items for the first days, we sure don’t want everyone to starve.

- Citizens will start with 5 food Q1

- Construction and Manufacture companies will start with 100 raws

- For every player that you invite you’ll receive 10% of everything he gains (Level up, medals and buying gold)

Read some more about it here ->
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We're happy to say that we're done with elections, they're running without any problem. vPopulus PRIME will start in the following days!

Tomorrow we should have the official releasing date, stay tuned for more information ;)
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Looks that we're dead? We're not. We're actually finishing vPopulus. Finishing and testing all 3 types of elections, 5 hours without breaks and going strong.

We'll have official release date in the following days, stay tuned for more news!! ;)
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