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Gmail and chat gets Google+ hangout, next level of face to face communication on gmail #gmail   #hangouts  
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does this mean that also the talk app will become obsolete and be merged into the g+ messenger?
Martylee king,Hello everybody looking for me,I'm kind of tied up in the number one hospital in america awaiting the worlds top hip replacement surgeon for dancers and my ex girlfriend Britney Spears turned me on to Dr. Moon.   I've been in the hospital since last thursday was suppose to have the surgery at 9:15Am thursday but was detained downstairs in emergency I had a mandatory preop that emergency stoppped me physically as i was walking away a punk male nurse put his hands on me till fifteen black security men psycially forsed me back where i was kidnapped till 10:00am missing my surgery was led to my prearangeged private room on the seventh floor where this morning a terrorist wanting to be my doctor with indian name continues to order tests for me and put and iv with his name on it.
     I have a rare infection in my mucels that there is no know cure except drink lots of fluids,so dr moon left word to stay on iv i ripped out because some student japenese american nurse high on drugs hooked me back to the iv without flushing first my line ,my arm swelled up i ripped out the iv line and refused any more treatment from her her charge nurse shot me up with haldol and tied me in full restraints for sending the incompedant japenese american nurse from my bedside .   a half hour later alll manacles release3d ans four times visiting uninvited guests keep changing my medications or trying to take over dr moom's job.
   Im in a living hell this last dr. wants and tried twice for heart monitors to be hooked up and i got dressed asked for a wheel chair and found this computor.   SoS G-8 and G20 the geniva convention please come to protect me and or arrest these terrorists my phone in my room doesnt work and they wont fix it .  i told the last nurse that dr moon better come see me face to face or by 600pm i am walking outta here .Im scared shitless the us government is my ally and strenth iam part of the eff new international watch dog a gold member .Hillery clinton please send military forse to guard my room so my broken wing can allow me to come back to work in Nashville tennasee where im known as the world best male dance,and sony records is awaiting for me to sign a multicd recording contract a ten set in the next six years and my other offer by Kenny chetney album awaits me to get better and a recording session has been holsd on two years..
     Please Christians of the world and the jews muslems and all my spanish friends All pagans and hells angels ride to live help youre friend the 1% and the g1 elect of the g8 baptists masons all hvac trained epa workers all tradesmen electrictians,and licenced,plumbers and attension Vice president Joe Biden Help im in Cedar sinai hospital and I need body guards and decorated active sevice members please aid in making me reborn.    thankyou,
                                          Martylee King      8/6/12 403pm
hangouts is not a replacement for chat as it does not support voice only

come on google, you can do better
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