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VLC 2.1.2 is now out! It fixes numerous bugs and regressions, notably on audio device management and S/PDIF; and it updates numerous translations!
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Great =) Though I'm waiting for the 64 bits Windows version...

By the way, why it's there isn't any more obvious option to download it directly from the web page? For a long time I thought there wasn't any 64 bit version, since I couldn't find it anywhere on your web.
We put the 64 bits version on the download server yesterday. Enjoy!
Great Work!
I've been using your player for years but have donated for the first time today.
I love that you've called it Rincewind.
nnm rht
I've installed an update (Version 2.1.2 Rincewind (Intel 64bit)) on my Macbook pro this morning and since then I can't play the dvd anymore that played perfectly well just before the update! It stutters, both sound and image. What happened? 
Works great on Mac OSX Mavericks.
Will VLC work on PS4 to watch divx movies mkv,mp4,etc?
nnm rht
I have Maverick on my mbp too, +Bogdan Raul but it doesn't play all dvd's anymore. Very annoying. 
Well that wil be fixed in future updates
We have no plans to support the PS4 yet.
But it's great idea if you think it,but doesn't matter soon PS4 will have the DivX Certification.
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