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VLC media player 2.2.1, named "Terry Pratchett" is out!

This is the first usable release of the "WeatherWax" version of VLC fixes most of the important bugs reported of VLC 2.2.0.
VLC 2.2.0, a major version of VLC, introduced accelerated auto-rotation of videos, 0-copy hardware acceleration, support for UHD codecs, playback resume, integrated extensions and more than 1000 bugs and improvements.
2.2.0 release was the first release to have versions for all operating systems, including mobiles (iOS, Android, WinRT).

Have fun!
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+Linus Torvalds hey Linus, this should fix your kids' video rotation bugs :)
+VLC  While we're asking question, i wonder if you have any plans for a chromebook release ? I'd sacrifice puppies for that.
Patiently awaiting Chromecast support. :)
Vlc works great with Chromecast for me. It's been working great with Chromecast for months now. I love how it converts into a remote control when casting. 
+Michael Harmon Yes, that is what I used to do.  I had a 15 foot hdmi cable that got replaced about once a month because the dog kept running into it.  Now I am spoiled with my Chromecast. I want native functionality on Windows.  Developers say it is coming at some day in the future, so I wait. :)
also waiting for VLC to support chromecast. Until then I use the videostream extension for chrome browser, works really well!
found a bug
previous versions, when Hardware Decoding was set to automatic, it would automatically know that I'm playing a 4K video, and render properly. now I have to manually disable Hardware Decoding for a 4K video to play properly, otherwise I'll end up with squares, bars and frozen frames.
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