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VLC 2.1.3 is out!
Numerous bugfixes and decoder improvements for all platforms!
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Tried upgrading through app, it crashed, now it crashes when trying to start.  Win7 64bit .. tried uninstall w/ removing prefs, and install fresh.. same thing.. crash on install.. crash on tyring to start.
I can't even download it from the website
Also looking forward to chromecast support
has anybody been able to download it?
+Zee Masai Yes. I just updated it and it works fine like before ;-) 
Edit: But I didn't use the link but I made the update right out of the player. 
Tried to download for windows but it says:

404 Not Found

No rush for me though - old VLC works brilliant anyways.
404 Not Found
I'll download it in my MacBook Pro 
They must have updated the installer since initial release, it now updates and works on Win7 64bit.
Please add to your next update a feature that allows the update to execute upon exiting the program.  Like a check box that says "when I exit".  The reason: I typically want to watch something when I launch VLC and don't want to wait the 2-3 minute download, 2-3 minute install process, etc.  When the movie is over, go ahead, have fun.  Alternatively, have a silent update process.  I really don't care to be notified and click through a bunch of crap, just update it for me.

That is all.  :P   Thanks for the very solid media player, I tell everyone about it.
+Slawek Nezumi Maybe they can also add an option that makes you clever!  You know, since we're dreaming a little dream.
+Nathanael Mills If "clever" in your opinion equals "ridiculously lazy" then no, thank you.
I shouldn't be surprised by your request though - since I saw self-steering cup.
When VLC windows 8 app will release?
+Slawek Nezumi Silent updating is a standard functionality in a lot of apps.  And clearly you need somebody to be clever for you, your own efforts are not working out. 
When VLC for wp8 ?? the most important app ;) this week, month???
Next monday.
windows phone 8 vlc app next monday!!!!!!  amazing ;) 
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