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Hi guys!
Hats off to GWT Community!
My 2.7 app is badly broken by Chrome 61 bug (described below). Could you tell me if 2.7 is patched?
If so, were should I go to download it?
If not, how do you patch it on your own? I never attempted to modify GWT libraries.
Thank you guys!
GWT getAbsoluteLeft/Top incorrect in Chrome 61 #9542

Can someone explain to me why would anyone in his right mind choose Typescript + Angular over GWT other than being forced to do so by corporate "politics" ???
For GWT you need reputable Java and JavaScript.
Typescript is just a crap - laughable childish parody on Java. Angular is simply a mess.
Is it "Corporate Politics based on Advertisement" thing again? Remember EJB1? - every developer knew that it was shit but executives were pouring millions of dollars into that failure anyway.
Are today's decision makers still the same 'Microsoft Windows 3.0 certified" crowd?
What a f*** shame...

Hi guys, was there any positive news regarding GWT in
a past year? Is there a chance for GWT to bounce back as a leading platform for web developers? Google search did not yield much. May be you know something encouraging.
I hate learning Angular (shit) but that is what seem to be job market choice of today..

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In JavaScript we convert array to JSON using JSON.stringify
Is there a method in GWT to convert arraylist to JSON?
I am using JSONObject , JavaScriptObject , JsArray do that but it is such a pain that I almost tempted to put JSON strings together by hand.
There's got to be a better way to do that. JSON is the only protocol of data exchange in most of the apps but conversion to and from JSON is probably the hardest thing with GWT programming. Extremely unintuitive and frustrating task.
Somehow GWT converts java objects to JavaScript arrays, why don't we let developers to do JSON.stringify GWT objects? I know that properties get suffixes by GWT but..
Anyone hears what I am saying?
Thank you, by the way, for wonderful GWT. GWT is the most underrated platform ever in existence.
Long live GWT - best thing ever invented by Humanity!
Anyway, thank you again!

I am a Polymer user. Looks like Polymer is going nowhere. In a year no visible progress. Same limited number of semi-functional buggy components.
Are there people like me who saw the writing on a wall for Polymer and switched to AngularJS?
I am not interested in a framework (I am a GWT user). I just need nice standalone components for my projects. Is it easy to substitute Polymer components with AngularJS?
For example, can I just put AngularJS typeahead on a page and access it with plain JavaScript?
Anyone is using AngularJS in a similar to Bootstrap or JQuery components fashion? Can you point me to a brief hello world tutorial on AngulaJS standalone components?

Is it true that Google is about to shut down Polymer project?
Google trends show that people are abandoning Polymer.
(Couple of dozens of limited semi-functional components - not even ubiquitous type-ahead in several years - not good...)
What are you guys planing on using instead of Polymer? Angular components library looks a lot better than Polymer. Is it easy to switch to angular?

To intercept browser event one can write something like
<input type="radio" onChange="alert('on change!')">

What would be the easiest way to intercept POLYMER component event?
Like this one:
<paper-radio-button on-iron-change="alert('on-iron-change!!')" />
Thank you!

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Hey guys!
I am using some Polymer components with GWT.
Some Polymer components have standard events like onchange defined, others have custom events like "paper-dropdown-close" .
I can catch standard events using something like
Event.sinkEvents(dinosaurs_id, Event.ONCHANGE);
But what do I do with "custom" events like above mentioned "paper-dropdown-close" ?
Is there a way to set event listener for "custom" events?
(I don't want to try Vaadin Polymer wrapper cause they want users to install Maven and some other tools just to try their wrapper)
Thank you!

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Can anyone recommend production ready modern responsive JavaScript UI library to use with GWT project? I planned on using Polymer, but it seems that Polymer crowd shifted responsibility to build a component library to the community.
Major problem with external libraries I faced in a past, that they break GWT styles. I understand that solution is to use WC(non existent yet).. anyway, did anyone get lucky integrating modern looking components with GWT without going through CSS clash nightmare? 
Please, let us know.  Thank you!
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