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We change the world by changing behavior.
We change the world by changing behavior.

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David Maxfield shares strategies for what to do when children lie at

Dear David, I think many are familiar with the Marshmallow experiment to demonstrate the benefits of delayed rewards. Is there any corollary data that demonstrates that those challenged with delaying rewards (i.e. those who ate the marshmallow) also…

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Can someone grandstand without consequences? Joseph Grenny let's you know what's really going on at

Dear Joseph, Your book, Crucial Conversations, suggests that we are more effective if we express ourselves “tentatively” and encourage others to challenge our views. But many leaders (Jack Welch, Donald Trump, etc.) are the opposite—forceful and even…

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David Maxfield gives advice for how to save a metaphorically sinking ship at

Dear David, I am one of several department chairs at a proprietary college. Since I have been here, we have had four people rotate in and out of the dean’s position; the most recent having been marched from the building yesterday. We have had every…

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Need to heal a close relationship with an unwilling participant? Emily shows you how to get yourself right first at

Dear Emily, My husband and I recently moved to a new city and my in-laws decided to move near us. I often feel intimidated and inadequate around my mother-in-law. I called her one day to try and resolve a conflict concerning one of my children and I…

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Kerry Patterson shares the power of storytelling through various mediums at

The other day, as I drove my fourteen-year-old grandson, Nate, to a local theater-in-the-round to watch a live performance of To Kill a Mockingbird, he stopped texting a friend for just long enough to learn that not only had I seen the play before, but I…

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David Maxfield shares his thoughts on how to confront racism at work at:

Dear David, I work in a community hospital with culturally diverse patients and staff. Recently, a nurse told me about an upsetting experience. The nurse is African-American and was caring for a patient in a double room. He overheard a conversation…

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Author Joseph Grenny gives tips for how to repair a broken relationship at:

Dear Joseph, How do I talk to my father after not communicating with him for four years? I feel resentful that he has not supported my two younger brothers. My mom has had to take the brunt of whatever issues they have faced: lack of motivation, dragging…

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Want to quit your job? Steve Willis has strategies to make the decision easier at

Dear Steve, I’m an RN and recently took a staff position at a private pay, long-term care facility. Naturally, the expectations of the residents who can afford to live at this facility are very high and the administrator is committed to keeping them…

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Kerry Patterson shares a special gift he received in his youth at

Gifts come in all shapes, types, and sizes. Some arrive with the sounds and excitement of the holiday season and some do not. Some are beautifully packaged while others aren’t bundled at all because they’re completely intangible. Still others are not only…

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How do you deal with foul language at work? Author David Maxfield spells it out for you at

Dear David, I’m in my sixties, and it bothers me when I hear people in the office using what I consider to be foul language, most often the “F-word”. This happens when they are on the phone having personal conversations and sometimes in internal office…
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