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# INDIA  a Poignant Reality & an Easy solution.
                   (only and only new young blood can change this  ) 
Pit race against race , religion against religion ,caste against caste Divide n Conquer we must not let this happen here .we are only as strong as we are united as weak as we are divided these political brainy people can ,t divide us 4 money n chair .                -
-Practical solution to change this country 
 Only these 6 things can change this country
             Baki sab bakwas hai hum ye kar denge vo kar denge ye vo desh mein ye hona chiye vo hona chahiye aisa hona chaiye ....Country change karni hai toh ye 6  Steps ache se 100 percent apply kardo agar 1 bhi reh gya in mein se toh bathe rahio  ase hi ….mamla aur khrab hoga agee.(Today rupee hits 30 month low 68.72 against dollar$ and union Rail budget (nakli )which was presented today also failed to lift the market indices as the sensex closed 113 points lower at 22,976 while nifty ended below the key 7000 level.*****if these below 6 steps not followed or implemented soon u will see rupee hits low 100 against dollar$ # exception only fdi can sustain this booming dollar for next 8 years if opposition agree in rajya sabha on G S T bill ,labour and tax reforms) 
1. Austere laws(Amendment needed )
2. Make in India(In action but marketing required on ground and through digital I ndia )
3. Skill India(In action but marketing required on ground and through digital India)
4. Digital India (In action but platform has to be changed and some social sites are to be restricted as they are snatching innovation from youth)
5. United India (Hindustani spirit we r Indians)((No reservation to anybody))
6. New fastrack courts and  quick judgement rules.
-= AUSTERE LAWS--INDIA ne kaha marr khayi 1947 ke baad reasons
1.     We have biggest constitution in the world that doesn’t mean we have strongest constitution in the world. we don’t even have a strong constitution its misuse abhi tak ke politicians, bureaucrats ,democrats, businessman, and  Indian government machinery se judo hue har citizen ne uthaya hai except army infantry department. Example….shayad dene ki jarurat nahi kisi bhi din ka koi newspaper tha ke dekh lo (coal gate scam1lack crore,2g scam 1 lack 76000 crore ,fodder scam,land scam,document scam,inspector,dsp,sp,dgp,cm,mla,mp, corruption cases ,judge wrong decision scam…niche se lelo.. peon ke pass 50 crore cash paya 30 bank accounts 3 bmw cars,govt clerk ke pass 20 crore aur 10 flat paye. Etc etc  ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………etc.
Ye jitney bhi last 65 years mein leaders(mp,mla,sp,dsp,custom,excise,inspector,judges) office ,industrialists ,big businessmen, and govt department se jude admi thee inhone is kamzor kanoon ka misuse kia.aur chahe kejriwal aa jaye ya modi corruption ase hi rahega kyonki kanoon ka khauf nhi hai pta hai result 15 years mein ayega aur zyada se zyada jail hogi.* Aur kuch income tax rule asee hai india ke ye black mein black money india mein bhi lgane deta saloo ne jo cash corruption se ya chori se kamaya tha vo cash dollar mein hawala route ke through usa,uk,Malaysia,Australia,switzerland ….etc countries mein dollar form mein bheg dia without NOC aur in sabhi logo mein se 35 % jo slip inko swiss bank ne de thi kho di .kyonki jinke pass white money hota hai unko passbook milti hai NOC certificate country se milne ke baad……ye sabhi  with out NOC wale thee and agee bhi ase hi corruption karenge until until austere laws nhi honge constitution mein.
So Govt ko lok sabha aur rajya sabha mein amendment lake austere laws lane honge
Fortunately * this is golden chance with this country BJP has majority in lok sabha  party can easily bring austere laws in house of people.Now comes Rajya sabha opposition team R. Gandhi and team will never let it happen kyunki agar ye hua toh pichle paap samne ayenge hi aur agee paap kar nhi payenge.Now if they become obstacle here Mr modi should gave the charge to Army chief or youth must come to parliament to implement this austere law.  
*Austere Laws are:-  
1.if pm ,cm,judge,mp,s,mla,dgp,Ig,sp,or 1st class or A class government department officials found involved in any heinous bribery or other crime they should be shot down first than should be hanged in their own constituency or area where they belong to now the next mp,mla or govt official will think that if he,she will commit a crime same thing will happen to him .ye khauf jaruri hai system tight karne ke liye otherwise aram karo badh mein gaya desh kuch nhi ho sakta   ase hi baat karne se Holiya ye change . Businessman,industalists,seth ji s if vo tax chori karte hai,or window dressing karte hai documents ya property ke sath ..unki 90 % property seize karke social welfare mein use kardo *action AMENDMENT require in lok sabha and rajya sabha .If any one mp,or members say no to it than (1)youth must take initiative by going to parliament and ask them who are saying no , jantar mantar pe baat nhi banegi .if they think in actual manner country should change (2)give charge to army.
This is the immediate requirement of this country without this country will never ever change …kahi pe bhi likhva ke lelo .(NA KEJRIWAL NA MODI *YE AMENDMENT 1 law Austere law ACHE SE DEKH LEGA SARI  GOVT MACHINERY KO)
2 Make in India .firstly hua kya country ke sath  Angrez bhage 14 august 1947 ko desh ka sara gold,silver,businessproducts leke 200 years ache se loota sirf ek company ne. After Indian government took charge govt ne import duty 400% kar di jisse koi angrez ka bacha india mein business ki na soch sake  1947 se 1992 tak. Ab yaha pe galti kya hui world mein industrialization alia tha 1700 mein hi ache se india still have no idea whats going on and how to boost up industries as industries and business is everything for a country but india was going through some major challenges like poverty ,destitution ,agriculture and  war with neighbouring countries (1965,1971).Here 2 important clans played significant in boosting up the country with spirit farmers and army personnels both laid down their life to boost up this nation with spirit But businessman and industrialist did n,t perform their task with spirit as they should have established factories, R&D (research and development department),warehouses,quality control systems,they also have to improve their machineries as hi technology is required to bridge the gap of country backwardness but these businessmens invested their money on land (real estate)and other open private education institutes. And remaining black money which they earn from this weak system they sent it to swiss account through havala in dollars which decrease the value of our currency from(1947-1992)now our country do not produce oil as to purchase it we should have forex reserve($)as payment to purchase oil will be done in dollar)but we do not have the reserves to purchase that now at(1991) that time our finance minister was Respected Dr manmohan singh as we just are left with only 6 days of oil and for more oil we need $ which country can,t print. That time Mr singh went to Bank of England to get some dollars so whatever gold our RBI has it was deposited with bank of England as a mortgage and with with a heavy interest rate .During those 6,7 days country was about to be declared as bankrupt but Mr singh played an important role and manage to arrange dollar to cope up with that situation. Now this situation made everything clear that this world has become the dollar world .Dollar is everything as every item and payment is done through dollar only but It has an exception that it can be printed only and only be printed in USA  The only way to procure dollar is by doing export or I should say by opening the gate of (LPG-Liberalisation ,privatization and globalization.)now MNC,companies came to india and brought some investment ,forex reserves$,technology and our service sector boost up say insurance,banking ,transportation,etc..with coming of these MNC companies they clear the outdated businessmen and industrialist who are doing business in the country without country spirit and their businesses (lala) are completely swiped out as they have not improved their products ,(R&D ,innovation,technology,warehouses).Now to encourage them up again our Mr M .singh gave them rebates,and subsidies as if they will export country will get forex $ reserves and thus we will be able to upgrade ourselves in terms of defence ,technology and other important sectors. But  our businessman took undo advantage of those subsidies and instead of investing on R&D ,warehousing, technology he/she invested in real estate and purchased 10 flats and opened private colleges which did,nt help the country to take forex reserves .Now both these real estate and private colleges are of no use as colleges are not providing quality education and flat sare khali pade hai. Agriculture sector bhi ab khrab hogya as farmer crops lala  ji ko deta lala ji 50% crop leta aur 50% rupee deta us 50% crop ke now farmer don,t have enough warehouse to keep that remaining 50% crop now it get damaged due to rain,pests and other humus problems and his whole hardwork goes in vein because lala has to pay him nice and took his whole crop by making warehouses thus how farmers commit suicide and agriculture sector diminished in india.(lala aur mota hota gaya apne tez brain aur location ki wazah se farmers weak hote gaye  as after working for whole year in sun and dust and water he/she did,nt get even his cost and Indian agriculture has almost gone so people shift towards service sector now we are asking  to ANGREZ  ki hamare desh ki mitti pe invest karo hamare pass paise nhi hai tum fdi(foreign direct investment) lau retail mein,insurance mein,banking mein and other sectors too…….jiska complete profit USA jayega .
Isse hamare desh ko  10 to 15 years ke liye benefit hoga Angrez warehouse bnaege jisse farmer direct sahi price pe required crop retail outlets mein angrez lelenge baki bacha hua bhi lenge aur use warehouses ke through processing industry mein dal denge jiska benefit ye hoga farmer,s hardwork will be saved and farmer will get right amount of money which he deserves and lala ji again swipe out ho jayega. Bas lala ka kam ANGREZ  karenge different different sectors mein this is called MAKE IN INDIA (FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT)  MODI ji visiting different 2 countries only to encourage ANGREZ ki invest in india we don,t have money,tech ,resources.See the irony and shame Bhagat singh ,Rajguru,sukhdev sacrifice their life only to remove 1 company from india (east india company) aur hum log itne nikkame hogye we are calling them come and invest in our country we don,t have money,technology,innovation please provide jobs to our skilled (40%)youth who are roaming idly .IT,s not that our youth don,t have potential adha USA,UK,AUSTRALIA,EUROPE hamare IIT ans,IIM,s and  Doctors chala rahe hai but economically country is inefficient in business thanks to BUSINESSMEN AND INDUSTRALIST 
TATA company biggest company of india jisko R&D ,INNOVATION karni chahiye vo missiles ,rockets,machineries bnani chahiye TATA salt bana rahi hai only because profit matters .salt khane wale zyada hai usme profit hoga …country spirit gayi bhad mein …Jab TATA,BATA Ka ye haal hai toh other businessmen chyawanprash ,powder ,soap etc FMCG goods pe hi atke hai.China ko uthane wale bhi apni business class lala ji hi hai as khud toh products bnayi nhi China se jake container le aye ...aur unke forex reserve and export increase krdiye.agar yaha lala ji factories ,warehouses,R &d ,aur products ko improve krta toh apna youth itna unemployed nhi hota inki factories mein job krta...lekin lala ji ne China se maal uthaya aur unke youth ko employment di hai bas.....aur toh aur ganesh ji ,shiv ji ki murti pe bhi made in China likha hai koi utha k dekh survey karo just tell ki kisi bhi shop mein Indian product nhi hoga.98% Chinese products.
Hats off to business class(shameful) full of spirit india mein hi Indians ko low standards kyunki chalta hai kuch bhi bikta hai.* china ne spirit ke sath india se ulta kia and see today they are 2 nd largest economy in the world,2nd largest forex reserve,and much more in every way we have same conditions as that of china but they moved on with spirit. In terms of sports they beg 88 medals in recent Olympic games and we r still on 6 medals our youth is capable but economy ,Infrastructure,Sports Equipment,Sports Hi -diet, R&d ,Innovation on whole 40 games of Olympics, we require privatization in sports sector to boost these medals and it will possible only through hi technology advancement in sports .
Hats off to business class full of spirit(shameful) they should have done this R&d and innovation on different games and other important factors.
Only solution now is Make in India isme bhi ache se marketing and awareness is required .
Black money don’t think it will come back to this country again because opposition and present govt  money is also involved in it and everybody knows (kyunki bina security guard ke(opposition ke)bank nahi luta jata and I don,t think practically we will get this money back .It happens because of strict income tax rule so abhi tak ka 85 % of money was sent to  USA ,UK,Malaysia and Switzerland . All this money went through havala route in dollar only and all this money is utilized by developed countries in their Hi tech,R&D projects .There people get loan on 0.5% interest rate and india 11% to 15%.see our money and they are utilizing  worry ab chance nhi hai wapis ane ke kyunki law and system ka misuse hua hai and agee bhi hoga agar ye 6 steps apply nahi hue toh.. Adhe neta/leader toh  account detail wali /code no wali slip hi khoke  baithge india mein kyunki NOC walo ko hi passbook di jati hai and our gold angrez le ge the bacha hua silver and bronze ye nikkame leader apne hatho se diyaye law weak hone ki wajah se .Now country is  only dealing with rusted iron (real estate,land acquisition,private colleges bad education kyunki export inse ho nahi payegi uske liye technology chahiye ,R&D chahiye ,product mein usp lani padegi wo la nhi sakte ye nikkme system ki hi ache se bachi hui utarne pe lage hai. so 4 get about black money ramdev ko hi dekh lo system ke sath mila/Indians ke emotions ko health yoga ke sath jod ke 5000 crore ki turn over kar li ab kaha gaye use interview dharne, blackmoney ke Anshan ki blackmoney hi mera main goal hai (ramlila maidan new delhi scenes)He is industrialist now.
Now make in india ko successful karne ke liye govt parliament mein labour reforms bill,tax reforms bill,gst bill,land acquisition bill la rahi hai foreigners ke bolne pe kyunki foreigners ko problem nhi chahiye fdi(foreign direct investment lake business karne mein .now opposition party don,t want to make it successful by not agreeing on rajya sabha as both the house should have consent on passing the bill for more info on parliament bills (www.PRS India .org) now practically either youth will wake up fb,whats up chod ke Aur pm should give charge to Army chief because somebody has to be very strict about the country  and now foreign direct investment is the only solution to get technology and employment in India thats why modi ji is visiting different countries ki invest in india ,invest in india as that thing will bring investment to india and schemes like on arrival visa,life long visa will be given to those who will invest in india and bring forex reserve $ to india.As we need tech and employment we have no other option left with us so Make in India has to be successful in india opposition has to understand stop playing with this weak laws and system otherwise country will be 100 rs =1$ soon…….
 1 more factor to make make in india  successful ** BOOST EXPORT to get forex reserve$ this will only be possible if our relation with neighbouring countries improves and developed countries like usa don,t want this thing to happen as if everything remain peaceful than where will they sell their hi tech defence weapons with high margins on which they are doing their R &D so these countries are financing and providing high defence equipments to both the countries as it will increase their forex reserves they want India- Pakistan relation to never improve kyunki isse unki dukan band ho jani hai as they deal with high margins defence equipment and machineries  and usa is building pressure on india to decrease import duty from 40% to 4% and if this happens our local businessmen will be completely swiped up and usa is saying if india won,t decrease this import duty we will give defence equipments to Pakistan.So pakistan and india must build a strong and good relation with each other otherwise 3 countries will make undo advantage and both these countries will have tough days in future so make better relationship with neighbouring countries it will increase export and export is everything as $ is everything .
So shahrukh kI movie freetime mein dekhna usse $ nhi ayega export pe focus karo young generation ko aware karo innovative ideas ke liye jisse export improve ho .. 
-==SKILL INDIA======.
We have 56 lack government teachers in India and only 6 lack are actually genuine other 50 lack joined due to corruption and other mischeats if our teachers  do not posses actual knowledge how come they give true knowledge to young generation. Don,t ask for private teachers they all are under lala ji business men examples ..teachers in india up,bihar,better  try out you tube (ask them who is president of India they ,ll reply hamare mla saab hai president and thus this is how the students attitude is formed (b,coz what we see what we hear is what we are going to be and we see and listen all these bullshits ) when they came out of colleges just with a damn paper called as degree and in reality they have no skills and now fdi is on the way how will Englishmen take these unskilled people on their stores or department just to remove employment in india I hope skill india should  work .Otherwise they have hi tech resources they  no actually don,t require unskilled  humans as  they have best quality cctv cameras and other hi tech machinery  
.% of workforce receiving skill training (2008)
As compared to western economies where there is a burden of an ageing population ,india has a unique 20-25 years window of opportunity called as demographic dividend.** India has the worlds youngest work force with a median age way below that of china and oecd countries half the population of india was younger than 25 in 2010 it will change to half the population being under 28 in 2030 ,making india a very country for the next 20 years and fortunately or unfortunately 40 % of present graduate and educated are roaming unemployed .(for more info visit Govt of india planning commission report 2008).practically today things  are much worse than 2008 And solution is skill India and opposition has to agree on various reforms like gst,labour,skill India,Make in India in Rajya sabha(congress) otherwise Indian will have to face hard days soon.
So we have to make skill India successful we can,t blame opposition or modi govt for this as we have chosen these mps in parliament they represent our constituencies so  if anybody from bjp or from congress disagree on these bills or not show complete attendance in parliament or not allowing the session to run youth must ask them whats the problem or why are you creating nuisance everybody is aware now just pass it or you come outside the parliament we will pass you red light lga ke bahut din tel(oil) phuk lia bill pass karo usi din and strong marketing and awareness is required on ground specially in school and colleges by the youth only who are skilled enough to bring change .Don,t expect this  change from Govt officials they are already getting a big salary in their accounts they won,t take this headache and this awareness is necessary to awake the youth who posses the skill and still enjoying the ignorance of weak system who call itself congress or bjp.( Brain Drain )Indians students are going to usa,uk,and europe because of these idiot politicians example our IIT ,s IIM,s ,doctors ...mostly r in foreign countries..Education should be compulsary for every political person atleast graduation and this can be done by amendment only example ..Arvind kejriwal he is IIT,IRS and an educated person who posses complete knowledge to change the things and posses some innovative ideas  .uneducated leaders will ruin this country and things remain unchanged for more info…on skill india   read( ficci skill report 2012 available free online .
======United India======= (No reservation to anybody ,eliminate inequality)-until and unless India should be reservation free we will never be united and that spirit of working together will never arise as during various elections this reservation has been used to seek the vote bank system which indirectly increases the bitterness amongst the people of India and still this bitterness is increasing among the people of India. since 1947 these sc/st are getting the benefit of minority by coming in reservation abhi 2016 tak major nhi hue kya and so called obc,s .ok if still they are financially weak they should be provided free books ,free hostels, free food and other facilities but playing with the mind of hardworking and assiduous students is not a right way to reserve them in education say general score 90 and sc/st score 50 he get admission in good college and general roaming idly with anger how can you expect unity among them and same with government job those who are well skilled and qualified enough should get that job only sc/st ko bookfree mein do,food free mein do jisse wo acha score kar sake hostel dedo ye nahi ki direct job hi dedi it will never unite this country stop this reservation system and make this country united again .solution bjp has majority dereservation bill parliament mein lao and if anybody disagree youth must ask him ya seen hai uncle pass karo bill aj hi .see youth has to wake up  ( jnu  case is done by opposition to divide the country ) otherwise  agee bhi  ,elections mein phir se vote bank misuse hoga .we must deactivate our fb ,whatsup accounts and make this country better again otherwise these intelligent business mind stupid people will ruin this country like this and this chance will never come again as bjp has majority in lok sabha and rajya sabha is the only hindrance and its solution is youth or army rule it has to be passed in anyway otherwise one nation ,one people ,one flag spirit will never come and country will remain divided like this.
=====New fastrack courts ====and quick judgements amendment  govt should pass a bill to increase the judges and fastrack courts in india today 3 crore cases are pending in the courts whose judgement will be declared after 10 years until then killers, rapist ,corrupt people mps,mla,cm,SP.dsp,dig,businessmen,industrialist, and all govt department se linked admi etc………………………………………………………………  are free to arrange money for their crimes pending decisions sometimes I think  Indian judges are the most affluent people in the world as they cannot be prove guilty until lok sabha and rajya sabha found them guilty on majority basis and in both the houses mostly uneducated fools baithe hai judgement ab bhagwan ji ke thekedar baba bharose hi hogi as system is not ok or austere now only option left is supermen and superwomens(UNauthoriosed dealers of judgement or non govt judges ) …Asharam ,radhe ma Mumbai ali,nirmal baba( illogical)ye faisala on the spot karte hai inki fees bhi on the spot every gali ,village,town ,nagar,metro cities …………………and these are the most affluent people after judges .baki jo bacha hai vo  cricketers lete hai TRP ke through 40 other Olympics games gaye bhaad mein kyunki ,media ,underworld ,youth speculation kaha lagayega time pass toh ab cricket hi karega 40 % youth unemployed ka cricket earlier was a sport now it is just a staa nothing else which will never lift other sports until and unless it will be banned in india for next 5 years and Indian sports authority should focus all these cameras on other sports so that moral of other sports person should  boost up. Baki is desh mein bachee hai khan brothers salman ,shahrukh & aamir bache hue paise inke ……. Baki 100 crore Indians aware mat hona educated mat hona kyunki ye sab log  kisko bewoof bnake  paise kmayenge .*dear Indians purchase ncert books instead of seeking a easy solution by going to baba,s and giving them ur hard money the cost of ncert books .These baba,s are  brainy people raised amongst us giving illogical and superstitious ways which will never give you scientific answers to change ur life as in india mostly people are poor and system never work so baba isliye 30 bmw cars and 3000 crore ki property rakhte hai wake up and purchase ncert books that contain original knowledge.   
-==== Digital india –means to ensure that government services are made available to citizens electronically by improving online infrastructure and by improving internet connectivity.its main plan is to connect rural areas with high speed internet networks.its core components are 
1.Creation of digital infrastructure
2.Delivering services digitally
3.Digital literacy .(this is most useful as all the above marketing work (skill india,make in india,etc.,..can be updated on that.
*****all this is fine but strict amendment needed that facebook,whats up should be ban on rural areas otherwise wo bhi urban youth ki tarah har roz  aashique 3  launch karenge.
*********and one more country should have its own internet based platform like google b,coz our every click is making USA is getting  stronger .we must learn something from China as they speak only Chinese in China .Google n facebook is banned over there they have their own platform like Google and they have learn to manage and decrease their growing population by awareness and good policies. we must learn something if we can't make policies.
*****  country should focus on export ,unleash innovation and improve relation with key neighbouring countries as through land routes we can increase our export to west asian countries which is still a major hindrance.
Modi ji china has taken these steps now it,s u r turn if u can,t do this pass your authority to Army chief respected will take urgent actions bina time khrab kare…
This article is written  for the average minds who actually posses the potential to change the system b,coz intelligent minds either take undo advantage of this system by becoming part of it or either make fun of these laws by sending money to foreigners.  *****Everybody should just do their part sincerely and honestly just do it and you will see this a organized and peaceful country but that will only be possible if all these 6 above steps Will be implemented fully …. 
Do ur part sincerely  and honestly in whichever field u are in with full of spirit  and unity.

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Neither BJP nor Congress want black money to come back to India only Respected Mr Ram Jethmalani struggling for last 10 years but nobody wants to listen him .He told Our Finance minister (Jaitley) and Attorney General (Rohtagi) are biggest enemy of the nation army should kill these idiots instead of killing terrorists of enemy countries first. These 2 people are biggest enemy of nation .

If u❤ sm1 let dm go if u 😡sm 1 let dm go basically let everyone go people r stupid 😜.

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!!!! ($ ) !!!! . Same circumstances same condition same population if they r communist it's not n xcuse we r democratic still we r 1/10 n soon going 2 lost this 1 .(business class,tycoons,politicians,administrators must stop making bread n butter).only export ,R&D ,innovation, can sustain this 1.Things r critical !!!! ($ ) !!!!

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