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Welcome to the official Oracle VM VirtualBox page here on Google+.

VirtualBox lets you run multiple operating systems on the same computer at the same time. So you could run Linux and Windows on your Mac; or run Windows and Solaris on Linux; or Windows 8 on Windows XP; you get the idea, right?

VirtualBox comes in 2 parts:
- Oracle VM VirtualBox - free and open source
- Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack - closed source, but free for personal use.

VirtualBox has a large and vibrant community which meets at or just get started by downloading virtualbox now

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Removing from my Circles until you have a "verified name" account as currently there are too many possibilities of duplicated accounts or fake accounts being created by ones who are not with the business.
+Robert Redl Thanks a lot ... I wanted to get the Extension Pack for 4.2.4.r81684 ... and now I got it. Thank you!
VirtualBox 4.2 on Windows7 seems unable to run Ubuntu 12.04 (even with 3D enabled). With LinuxMint 14 install does not start. I never had such kind of problems before (with Ubuntu 10.04 and 11.04 for example).
Maybe 128MB limit for the video of the VM is too low? I have an Nvidia NVS 3100M graphics card with 512MB dedicated video memory... 
Dear Virtualbox team, thank you so much for your software, this is one of the most important pieces of software that humanity has produced so far, in my opinion. 
Only a minor thing:
In your documentation one reads:
VirtualBox is powerful Cross-platform Virtualization Software for x86-based systems.
'"Cross-platform" means that it installs on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Solaris x86 computers.'
Please mention also that it runs f.e. on FreeBSD. 
There are people who run dozens of OSes on FreeBSD because of your brilliant software. 
Please please please mention also FreeBSD, this is a very powerful OS which many admire :)
Thanks again for your great work ....
Thank You. At last new vbox update is working properly. I've been waiting for that for 6 months.
I took me a while to figure out how to mount USB drives. Anyone know how to access my windows 7 files?
awesome software but had to delete it as it made windows run way too slow.10 minutes just to load up a window.shame.
+James Leeson A sure indication that your win box is memory / processor / IO starved. a new gaming machine last year.. 4 core processor 3.9ghz,8gb ram..2gb gpu.
Hmmm, I have an AMD 8 core, 16 GB mem, 2 gb GPU running win 7 64 pro. I have no problems running side by side Ubuntu server, Win10 Preview, and  Mint desktop as well as 4 cores dedicated to World community grid. VBox does work in mysterious ways sometimes...
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