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Have a look - stop the attempt to control the network
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You might be interested in my recent book +Serendicritique, which deals with exactly this issue, among tightly related others.

Excerpt —
Having the Internet controlled and administered by the US may not be ideal, but the US, ICANN, and the IETF are preferable to having it controlled by a body with single votes each, for a majority of countries where freedom and democracy aren’t even respected on paper.

For those labeling this complex as fear-mongering, maybe it is, but the exposure is needed and sugar-coating doesn’t help spread the information, also, especially in Europe, we don’t have this discussion yet and frankly, I don’t trust the ITU which slowly emerges and tries to position itself as a UN agency. Furthermore, the current stand of the Internet on the shoulders of the US gives us at least theoretical freedom — as opposed to the collection of overtly dictatorial UN member states as a whole. As a trade-off and not as an ideal, I trust the US currently more than any other body in this regard even though I’m aware of the new regulations and “rogue” actions from US federal agencies. I’m always open to change my opinions and support in the future and with new facts; currently, I have to take sides with the US point of view against the UN and its bodies.

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