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EVEN MOAR GOODIES! An updated Hangouts app for Chrome!

Install it yourself here:

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Amazon drones just got some competition.... Introducing Project Wing by Google:

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New vision of our company!
Simplify everything. Do anything. :)

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New feature called Google+ Stories, can automatically weave your photos, videos and the places you visited into a beautiful travelogue..

All this is done automatically!!  Just checkout for your G+ Stories in your G+ photos app..

Check out a sample below... 

I just discovered this new feature by +Google+ : the stories!

It's half great / half creepy since it automatically puts together pictures and locations from a trip. It's kind of creepy since it detects trips by itself, knowing where you've been and what you've done.

The way stories are display is pretty cool, it reminds me of +Exposure

I'm curious to know what you think and whether people will actually use it! 

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This is really AWESOME...!! #Moto360   #Motorola   #smartwatch  
Learn more and meet the team behind #Moto360, our new modern timepiece. #ItsTime 

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Mapping your world with the phone!! #ProjectTango  

Future is #awesome  !! :)

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Wow! Throw camera in the air n let it take some pics!!
That too 360 degree panoramic photos! Awesome!!! :D

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The very first phone with  CURVED display!
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