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We're happy to let you know that we just released an updated version of Viber for Android, now with support for Jelly Bean and other bug fixes.

Thank you all for your feedback and we'll be happy to hear how it works.

Download it from Google Play here:
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So, your great android version is just a copy paste of iOS buttons, resources and UI...
I hope you didn't paid the devś too much.

And a bottom bar close to software buttons. You ergonomist team is also awesome!
+Christophe Versieux thanks for your comment. We are always working on adding new features and improving the UI. Stay tuned for future updates. And it is not that similar ;-)
Oh thanks +Tomas Podprocky. What a relief! The wait is over! Yay.
Hey +Viber , I just installed Viber back to my Nexus with Jelly Bean and it does not show any contact anymore. do you guys know anything about it? thanks a lot.
+Alex Garcia please let us know if it worked out? We are testing it on our side. Thanks.
Works perfectly on Motorola Defy+
am having more problems with the new update !!  g s2 
+Viber : after trying many times... it started to work... hahahah
+Viber the calling quality is amazing. it's so clear....
+Pui Lam Chiu  am using it daily call quality is so good when am on a wifi connection .. when i use the network connection i can hear who is calling me but my voice can't be heard 
+Ehab Ahmed It has always been like this on my end. It's been like this on GB, ICS and JB. Sometimes, the lag is huge on 4G. Right now, I just stay on wifi as much as possible when I use +Viber to call.
+Pui Lam Chiu +Ehab Ahmed Guys, thanks for the feedback. We are always testing your issue. It was really improved in the last version and we will keep working on it.
1. Change the layout to match Jelly Bean; I mean really, it slows down my phone because of the crappy junk on it. 2. Fix all of the crashing errors and the horrible bug that makes the People app built-in loading extremely slowly. 3. Major speed updates. I want this app to run smoothly; load fast; and work amazingly. It's bad when Skype is faster and less buggy than this app. I like Viber; improve it please. Especially for Android users. You're giving us junk to be honest in comparison to how well built the iOS version is built. :( I use Viber for my international definitely needs to be improved so it can meet the uses for that.

Phone: Samsung Galaxy Nexus
OS: Android 4.1 (Not the updated 4.1.1)
Guys, +Viber  has been really slow in my Android Galaxy Nexus 4.1.1 and also my cell phone is warming up really bad when I am having a call, just for your information.  :-)
Thanks for the great service so far.
Hi is there any possibility to have Viber also for tablets ? I'm using Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Actually I've got it t installed from Viber help page but when it comes to updates, when Viber tells me, there is the problem with it coz I cannot update. 
لقد بدأت التسجيل في برنامج الفايبر واثناء تسجيلي وانا انتظر الكود تلقيت مكالمة لكن ليست كامله فلم استطع اللحاق باللجهاز للرد اي يعني لم استلم كود وعند اعادة ادخال رقمي لكي استلم الكود من جديد يقول لي البرنامج هذا الرقم قد ادخل ..ادخل رقم مختلف..مالحل؟؟؟؟؟؟
اريد كود للفايبر على رقمي...ما الحل؟؟؟؟؟
I started to register for the viber During documentary and I am waiting for the code you receive a call but not perfect I could not catch my phone to answer any means have not received code and when re-enter numeric order received code again tells me the program this figure may enter .. enter a different number .. What solution??????
please fix viber for bada, I own a wave 3 and i want to use your app, but it says to me that i can't
i tried to share to facebook but it said that viber is not available for my phone, but i checked and there is the post on my wall... i'll wait for someone to chat with me
I own a samsung wave 3, i have viber bada, it doesn't show me contacts of other OS' phones
I have Nokia C2 03 MODEL CELL PHONE. Can i use this application?
Much better than Skype, I have a question +Viber . Is it normal that I hear the person's response after a few millisecond and not in the instant. Does it support full duplex so the sender and the receiver can talk at the same time?
I just install viber version 2.2.1 on my Samsung galaxy tab 10.1, it working ok... But now come one popup to update to new version 2.2.2 when i click it does not show the update link or app to download. Where to get the new version download application?
The app is great.. Call quality is really good and I can stray in touch with my friends and family at any time of the day. Great app.. But I do have one complaint..Please work on the UI.. Holo based UI would be very much appreciated. Please add emoticon support to messages too. The notifications also work very well but there again a more lively and scrollable widget would do justice. and widget aso to be on holo UI basis. Thank you so much for this app. Your work is greatly appreciated. 
provide voice on blackberry
It used to work to Lebanon...
Google Play says "this version is not compatible" ~ Nexus 7
I use Viber 2.2.3  for Android on HTC Desire C. When I talk to somebody the screen never goes off and thus: 1. Battery goes quickly low 2. Touching the screen turns off the connection. When I place a regular GSM call my HTC always turns its screen off!
Why not make it compatible with tablets like Samsung galaxy 7? Thanks
Please make it compatible with Android tablets like Samsung Galaxy tab. Tango & Skype did that. thanks
Pls updatee viber version fo blacbery 9320
It does not suport calls funtion pls
Pls updatee viber version fo blacbery 9320
It does not suport calls funtion pls
+Viber Now that BBM Voice is coming to BB6 and BB7, will you please add calls to Viber for BB asap.
It is realy helpful apps
But we still more friends to know more
Please abide by the Holo Android guideline... 
can you give me your viber's numbers so we can be a friend
+Viber  A lot of contacts are missing. I've consulted the troubleshooter, tried the tips and nothing... =/
why viber is not getting update to nokia phone for the voice calling
when you are comming with new version for nokia
when there is new version is for viber
which will support nokia
When there is new version for nokia
After installation of Viber on Nokia Symbian Phones such as Nokia 5230, 5233 etc., Viber doesn't update the contact list from the phone contacts and has no provision to do so manually. This has been a known bug and an issue of discussion in various Symbian and Nokia forums.
Ko aqg bs2 pdhl dh ngikutin petunjuk..hemmmmmm
Ko aqg bs2 pdhl dh ngikutin petunjuk..hemmmmmm
why sending me old news again and again, update the version for nokia, then send mail
still not update version on nokia, how many have to wait for the updates version for nokia. no calling facility for nokia, and all facility for android phones
At last ì f0und viber. Im so happy i bel0ng so i call n0w my family n friends
Still viber not updated any version for nokia phone, for voice calling.
viber is made only for android not for nokia, i think so.
Vì activate hw 2 use n viber?
when viber calls for blackberry .... nd nokia users ...plzzzz let us know when ...i heard that bb cal r coming in April but stil nothing .. plzz bb and nokia user wat this 2 
I have been trying to get it what am i doing wrong please x
let me lick ur fanny :)
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