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Create a soccer roster and visual lineup sheet for your youth soccer team using this free roster template for Excel
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Vertex is the best!!! Their templates are effective and easy to understand. I've been using them for several years with no obligation.
It's really lovely and useful!
My husband is paid weekly & I am paid monthly.. it makes it really hard to pay bills when the paychecks are spread apart so differently. I owe my balanced budget (for at least the last two years) to your site's templates (I make my own using your standard calendar template). I have also used your invoice template in the past. I am so thankful for your service & hope with all my heart that you & your company continue to prosper. Lots of good Karma generated for you from your selfless service!!
same here it is best for the professional person i have given many solution having vertex in my mind...thanks a lot....Vertex
nice and propositional, nothing I can do with out it. 
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