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Oh, it looks really good, damn that’s clear! I still have a problem with the length of the descenders, see the word «Oxygen», the «y» is too short.

Excellent work so far!
Hi, I've been trying to use your font 'Amatic' from Google web fonts for a web design project, but it seems to be stopping me using the question mark - is there any way to get a full version for web use?
ack sorry missed this :/ Amatic can be downloaded from the Google webfont service, just add the font to 'your collection' and download.
I totally Love Gruppo
Hey Vernon, I sent you an email regarding an issue with the Gruppo font - help urgently needed! Many thanks :)
Is that Fedora? If it is, I bet the theme is Oxygen  :-D

Sorry for going out of the subject, and for my English…
Hai - it's either Kubuntu or Fedora or openSuSE, can't remember, but the theme is definitely Oxygen :)
Hi Vernon, using the very nice Amatic font on Google fonts. Thanks for creating that! Just a note: The Bold700 version of the font doesn''t have a question mark glyph. It substitutes the "registered trademark" symbol. Cheers.
Hey Vernon.

Amazing font.

I'm using it on a big site that will be live this week. Will send the link on when it's live.

 I'm getting the same on the question mark issue. Is this planned for an upgrade at all or will I tell the developers to fudge it!?

Thanks a mil

Hi Vernon, same situation as Andy. I love your fonts. You authored Monda right?  If so, How much is it to purchase?

Thanks a lot,
+vernon adams I'm just browsing through Google web fonts, and your name keeps appearing under the fonts I really like. Great stuff. :)
The same for me, each time a font stops me from scrolling the Google web font search results, it is "vernon adams"… Thank you !
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