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If your Smartphone could have one superpower, what would it be? Here’s how it might not be too far from reality:
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Unlimited Data. True Unlimited data that is...
The ability to remove ALL unwanted apps and bloatware without rooting.
It could cost $300 AND hold a data signal. (Yes, I own the Galaxy Nexus.)
I wonder if actual people at Verizon read these comments.
The latest firmware that came out more than 6 moths ago...that would be pretty super.
+Sean Reynolds Seriously? I'm on #3. Verizon has actually told me - and documented - that I can swap my phone at any time for the next phone down; which would be the RzMx. Google has released an OTA for 4.0.4 but for some AGONIZINGLY LONG reason, Verizon hasn't pushed it yet.

Ultra frustrated with this. Frustrated with Verizon for mangling what was supposed to be a pure Google phone yet Google Wallet is VERBOTEN!!! WTF????

Yes I could backup, root, custom ROM, restore, but I don't want a project. I want a $300 phone that doesn't send calls straight to vMail, doesn't struggle to achieve better than -120 dbm in the store right next to three other phones humming along at -45dbm.

I don't honestly know what's wrong, but it's not a matter of a simple swap out. I'm not the only guy/gal on h/her umpteenth piece of hardware.
+Sean Reynolds There are two parts that get your voice an data onto the network; the phone and the base station. If the base station is where the root cause is, then the usability issues will be co-located geographically.
Having a Gnex myself, I have no complaints on the hardware and signal. In fact my signal and speeds are faster than my homes broadband at times. The only thing I would ask is for Verizon to create a plan for those without subsidized phones. I don't want to pay extra and the subsidies when the next Nexis come out.
The ability to truly utilize the power of the phone without having to deal with wireless companies which lock down the device or specific applications?
Unfettered consumer access to the bootloader.
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