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What’s your favorite hit TV show? Check out Hulu Plus for App Tuesday and watch it on-the-go with Verizon's 4G LTE Network!
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Can't watch it on my Gnex cuz Hulu slow ass hasnt made an "official" app for it.
... and pointless without unlimited data!! +Verizon Wireless you guys should at least offer unlimited nights and weekends data!! HaHa
If you're going to complain about Verizon you should take it over to facebook with everyone else. Instead you're just polluting a feed that has nothing to do with your nonsense.
Yes, lets use a Hulu app on our phones when we have data caps that prevent us from enjoying them without paying you more and more money. Verizon, you fail. I am switching to Sprint when I get home from my vacation next week. Good thing I never resigned my contract when it ended.
it has everything to do with our nonsense +Zachary Lukkarila Vz is advertising an app that A: wont work on what many would say is the best phone they sell right now, and B: cant be enjoyed to its full potential because they've forced everyone into a capped data plan. Frankly if I were a streaming app developer I'd be pissed at VZ for this move.
HEY VERIZON CFO. if i have to buy my new phone at full retail price to keep my unlimited data will you do like t-mobile and give me lower price plane. since i will not get a discount on my new phone going forward. i really believe that if i pay full retail price on my new phone to keep my unlimited data i should get a lower price plane. that would be smart and good business. and would keep everyone happy in the end.
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