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Are you in or near New York City and want to come to our hangout concert with +Daria Musk live and in person? Leave a comment here and you could win entrance to the show!
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Let me know when you're gonna do a concert in Las Vegas and I'm in. 
I am definitely down for partying with Daria!
Unfortunetly i'm 7 635,71 km away in Romania
looking forward to an awesome concert by the beautiful and talented +Daria Musk !!!
+Vlad Matei Wow that's pretty far from NYC. I hope I get to come play near you someday! You can join the Hangout so I can sing for you face to face though! :)
Dear Verizon
Thanks for adding me to your group. I am a longtime customer. Best 4G LTE in America
Cant miss event...#AllIN
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