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Still confused about 4G? Check out this article from WSJ and tell us who you think has the largest 4GLTE network around.
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Verizon is the best network in USA im so happy to be a Verizon client i love it <3
Yes, I'm very confused about 4G +Verizon Wireless. I'm confused as to how you've managed to outfit most of the counties of California's coast except for Ventura County. This is made even more odd when you consider that cities like Fresno and Bakersfield have had 4G for months. Please, clear that one up for me.
Shawn yeah report this to Verizon coz its weird coz california its completly covered by Verizon 4G
Wesley Windham yeah Verizon wins on all the USA operator they r the best i love so much coz the coverage is great and a fast 3G
I remember downloading a 230mb file in 5min. 4g is beautiful...
oh wow, kenton sani thats is very cool, i have a 3G phone on Verizon n omg its so damn fast
When u have an iPhone with VZW u don't need 4G, 4G is a myth!
312kb download on 3G vs 8mb download on 4G is no myth...
Verizon is fast in 3G n 4G i love download stuff on my Droid, Verizon is the best about coverage
It's all good until your 4g device is downloading at 3g speeds. Stop throttling my usage dammit.
Verizon's 4G is inconsistent where I live. The 3G is also slower than my co-workers 3G from AT&T so don't believe all the my speed is so fast, or my speed is so much faster than 3G since many times the 4G phones are on 3G. Shills abound on these services. Its better to tell the truth so customers can find out for themselves.
4g rocks, but I've seen a decrease in speed since I'm using about 20gb a month.
Ha ha that is a lot of gigs! I have read just yesterday at CNET that unlike AT&T Verizon's way to slow heavy users only when a peak usage or cell congestion. But they return service speeds back to normal after the congestion ends. The 4G on my Spectrum and Motorola Razr are fast at 4G when as I said 4G is stable. In Albany it goes in and out to 4 to 3 G. Not trustworthy to even attempt a cell call and a web session at same time as my co-worker can do on his AT&T service. And I am no fan of AT&T anything.
I am unlimited, luckily. 4gb for $30 or $29.99 for unlimited. No brainer.
I have unlimted talk n text n 1GB for 55 dollars at month
i used to be on at&t last summer and here in alabama i never had 3G connection i was always on EDGE, then i tried Sprint and they 3G is so slow plus i used to be always in roaming coz coverage its not good here, Verizon is the best for me, the 3G is fast for my interest, then i dunno, but i love Verizon coz i got coverage everywhere in the country, plus my family from italy they can call me for free on Verizon
Makes no difference to speed. I have 3 cells. (1) iPhone 4, (1) Motorola Razr and (1) LG Spectrum. Two are 4G and one 3G. As I said even with unlimited on all three the speed is inconsistent on Verizon 4G and also on 3G. So use is always low or I use wifi. A shame Verizon's network is not stable.
John Vinson, thats weird coz anyway 4G should be faster then 3G i never tried the 4G network coz here in Alabama still didnt come yet, but anyway coz its 4G should be fast anyway
Jonathan Medor sometime it happen, did yall had bad weather up there? coz anyway sometiem when it rain the service can be slow or anyway doesnt work
The speed of my 4G is faster than my 3G. When, and only when the service stays stable. The service can be stable for an hour or longer or it will pop in and out to 3G.
If you have a 4G device it should stay mainly on it. But many times it does not. The service is fully available where I live and work. But if it stayed on the 4G then I would say
Verizon is providing what they are claiming, the faster and more reliable network. The network is not faster nor more reliable if the service does not stay stable.

I have been a customer of Verizon's since the time they were Bell Atlantic, NYNEx, etc. I think their cell service is superior, I left cellular one-Albany Telephone Company after being the 403 customer to sign up. But back then their service was great but their billing and customer service was terrible. I had a 3 Watt bag phone and a phone so large I had to carry it in a brief case ha ha. Technology has changed, and we can only get better as we go along. So I can wait for the stability, I am positive in years to come it will improve. But to say they are the best or fastest 4G in my opinion is not 100% accurate at this point in time.

A cell is supposed to be able to make and receive calls. All the rest is fluff.

ah John Vinson i see well ur right anyway that the 4G should be stable like the 3G, but anyway the 4G is like a work in progress im pretty sure that in few more months or yrs the 4G network will be more stable like the 3G
John Vinson i can tell u that hopefully here in USA we got 4G in italy they r still in 3G and the 4G its should come like next yr, we r so behing with technology, you guys here yall have like 4g devices n fast connection but in italy hell technology its so behind lol
Jonathan: when that happened with my Razr the Verizon lady had me remove the sim and put it back in. It found the 4G. However check the Verizon 4G map to see if it actually reaches you where you are in NYC. Here in the Capitol city it is available but unstable many times. But just moving from one room to another can drop it to 3G so it could be that which causes your problem.
I was in the extended area when my phone went back and forth between the two...annoying.
Kenton: that I can understand. 📲
Woohoo... My Rezound gets ICS update on the 6th.
Yeah just like it was promised for the Motorola droid maxx! Still waiting for Verizon to release it.
They were supposed to be updated over the weekend (Razr and Maxx). Htc always takes forever.
No update received as of today (Monday)
Looks as Big Red is still floundering updates.. WTF?
Wow, ICS...I have a Samsung Droid Charge and I know I have to wait for a ICS update, Samsung still takes a while to put their TouchWiz interface on anything. Had a Facinate and it took 6 months after 2.2 came out till I got that update.
My wife has a fascinate.. she likes it, but I personally think that It's a turd.
It did get 2.3 gingerbread finally
The razr had gingerbread on it when I bought it. Since that time the ICS was released to Verizon and Verizon has not released it yet. Typical of Verizon. 🎱
These custom manufacturer skins (ie, Sense, Motoblur, and TouchWiz) are what keep phones from getting ICS updates in a timely manner. If all phones had stock Android and no bloatware, (ie, Nexus phones) getting updates would be a breeze.
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How about a useful post on when the Rezound ICS update is supposed to start today? Thank you!
That leak came from Best Buy, so my Rezound and I ate doubtful about it happening today.
speaking of upgrades, i heard +Verizon Wireless is planning to charge customers an extra $30 for upgrading.

I think instead of them charging the customers an extra fee it should.come directly.out of the executive's pockets until their salary comes down to a reasonable amount and the greedy people leave and the people.who care about what the wireless industry's role in today's world.
I have not heard that. Maybe I will google on it and see.

I know when I bought my original mifi Verizon associated a cell number to it and tried to charge me $35 for that line.

I called up and told them to remove it. If they wanted to gouge me that charge after I paid a few hundred for that device on top of the monthly service charges I would return the device, cancel the sale, and port to another provider.

In some cases over the years the company had changed how an extra line would cost and just typing in a computer screen to set up the generated cell number and hit another key to make the line active in my opinion is not worth $35

Remember that store clerk is getting paid to set that account up and is paid a salary if not a sales commission I will be dammed if I am paying Verizon twice for staff that is being paid.

I have never paid any fee for new service, new equipment, upgrades etc.

Simply tell them (Verizon) you will walk.
No reason to lose a customer before they are your customer or lose a good customer because of greed.

PS. I am some Verizon droid will say how much work is involved in typing that information on the screen, and that a customer should pay for their time etc. hint hint by being a customer I am already paying your salary.

Best Buy gave me a free upgrade phone, while Verizon wanted to charge me $115 for it. Don't think I will be upgrading through Verizon anymore. Now I am curious if they are charging this regardless of where you get your new phone.... That would suck.
+John Vinson I wouldnt pay the fee either, I'm jsut waiting my carrier to pull something stupid so I can cancel my service and let them know just how serious I am.

Also, I just happened to notice your response was for me in my notifications, usually if someone responds to my comment I won't look at it unless my name is tagged.

To tag a name write the @ symbol and start typing the person's name. a list of likely desired names will appear to help you.
3G fast? AT&T gets a nice 2 to 3 Mbps on their 3G while my Verizon rarely gets over 1! 
I just post as reply. No tagging no hassle !
I believe it's to update your cell phone. Not the operating system.
+John Vinson im familiar with ICS , im currently running it and have been for months(CM9). I was being sarcastic. I have the most current radio update 902 on my bionic but there are frequent 4g and data drops experienced by all +Verizon Wireless users over the last months. My comment should have read, before they think about charging for this update they had better address the Data issues. Sorry if i was unclear
No problem. I went today and took the spectrum and removed the sim. I wiped it with a cloth and then reinstalled.
I took both that phone and the Razr and both had a stable 4G connection all day on both cells. It is possible that fixed my not having 4G on both devices.

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