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Want a sneak peek of the new Droid? Come to our unboxing Hangout on Air  on 11/19 – two days before it launches – and see the latest Android technology.
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JP Day
Yes, please.
I seenzit!! Big,(but easy to hold) light and FAST!!
+Willie Williams IV I love the Note 2, but it's too big for my daily driver. I was blown away how easy it was to "one hand" the DNA being it has a 5" screen. The Maxx HD is my other option... I need to spend more time with the DNA before I decide. Until then my Gnex is holding it down. 
+Dave Bell yea I broke my gnex so now I have the galaxy s3 and I'm not complaining. I was hoping vzw would be launching a new gnex. Until they get another I'm not getting another phone. 
What is inferior about the DNA compared to the Razr Maxx HD, besides battery life?
+John Rembecki well you just named two key components. Have you seen the HD screen and camera in affect? It's beautiful!

And battery life like you said. That's a major kudos to the razr lineup. What good is awesome super smart phone if the battery is always dead? 
Actually, I only named battery life. ;-)

The 1080 screen, with a whopping 440 dpi should be the best screen on any device to date. As for the camera, it is expected to have the same camera as the One X, and I have yet to see a review that says the Razr has a better camera. (Actually, many list the camera as it's weak point.)
The official specs haven't been released, except for the screen - in which the PPI is SUPERIOR to the Note 2.
+Lavelle Etheridge the inability to have a usb slot is a big notch against them..... NO ONE likes that unless you use everything on a club which most americans dont.

And battery life kicks its rump again and you cant even remove the battery to extend the battery life.

Im sorry. Note 2 and galaxy s3 on those alone. And i didnt even mention crappy lag heavy sense UI.
Im pretty pumped!! I hope this phone lives up to the hype,, But for now all the stats are only rumor, I guess we will see soon
Pretty sure I'm getting it anyway.  ;)
Just please have it have a good battery and you got me sold!
I like the features the Note 2 has but Samsung is notorious for having weak LTE radios. Don't get me wrong I love my rooted Galaxy Nexus and all the ROM support in the community but my experiences with HTC and their top shelf build quality and strong LTE radios I would be very very surprised if this phone is a bust. This is a phone to be reckoned with hands down.
i really hope the droid dna has a good battery and decent battery life. no point having such a beast of a phone if it doesn't even last through half the day
+Willie Williams IV lets get the facts straight. Droid Razr Maxx, doesn't even compare to what htc droid dna or samsung galaxy note II is. Compare specs...razr maxx, is only a dual core processor, and only has 1GB of ram. Yes battery life is good but thats its. Now lets look at the note II and droid dna...both phones are quadcore processors, note II is 1.6GHz and dna is 1.5GHz, not a big difference. Both have 2GB of ram. dna blows away away note II with pixel density....note II 267ppi and dna 440ppi. higher than iphone. I will say, note II does have more storage up to 64GB, and leaks show 16GB for dna. And better life for the note is better, by around 1000mAh. But take into consideration a bigger screen, performance wise they'll be the same phone....but do you want a bulkier phone with longer battery, or a more comfortable phone with less battery. I'll take the droid dna! 
+Justin Lamping I was saying the razr maxx HD buddy...... The HD. Not the older version. Look at those comparisons then throw in the superior battery life and it rocks htc world.

HTC saving grace was the One X.... Had they Not put that out then htc would be tucking their tales in a cave somewhere. 
My upgrade is on the 21st...Did god just send me a message? Heck Yes!
+Willie Williams IV thats the phone i was referring too. I'm sure the battery life is insane. And the best around for a smartphone. And i'm sure it performs well, but its still a dual core processor. Quad core's are coming out now and thats what the droid dna will be. big difference doubling the core. And the amount of ram is double. I'm sure its a great phone based upon specs, but vs noteII and droid dna, performance wise, droid razr maxx hd will be blown out of the water. only thing it has compared to those 2 phones is battery :-)
+Justin Lamping maybe I'm just a tad bitter as I was scorned by the thunderbolt lol.....

But I do hope this phone is awesome. I'm worried about the lack of SD slot and Crappy battery life that HTC is known for. Couple those with the fact that it takes HTC AND vzw ions to update their software to the latest android iteration.

Motorola is getting better, and Samsung are making improvements but HTC still takes forever with that. 
Really want to see this phone up close.
I agree, i have thunderbolt, battery is complete crap. I going with my instict on the dna and hope it pays off
Quiet a few sites are saying the DNA does have an SD card slot. All indications are that the VZW/HTC event in NYC tomorrow is the official unveiling of the Droid DNA. Was all set to grab an Razr Maxx HD on the 18th, but if HTC brings it I might just have to reconsider. Tired of the sorry battery life I get on my aging Thunderbolt though, if the battery on the DNA isn't 2500mah I'll probably go with the Maxx HD, locked bootloader and all.
The screen alone seems worth it.  I'm pumped to see the 440 ppi screen and see if it is noticeably better than other HD screens (Razr HD/ Apples Retina display..).  Plus possibly quad core and 2 GB ram on just a 5" screen means it should be a beast.
Awesome next week. :D so excited haha first and so far only phone with 1080p display.
If it launches on the 20th, will it be available at local Verizon stores or is it going to have to be ordered online?
I hope they answer that question today, Tom.
Well, my upgrade's not till the 18th so I guess I'll have a few days to weigh the DNA vs Razr Maxx HD before I decide. That 3300mah battery is sure sexy to someone that's been using a Thunderbolt since Mar. 2010. I'm sure the camera on the DNA will smoke the Maxx though. Decisions decisions...
As long as its something better then the HTC Incredible 4G - c'mon Verizon, that was the best you could do? Not even an attempt @ getting an HTC ONE series? :-/ 
I thought the unboxing was happening today... I guess thats just the HTC event thats happening? 
no unboxing is next week and release is next wednesday. they just announced it today. they have live feed on cnet. no video though, all interactive text chat
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