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What new Smartphone have you picked up lately? Here's some options for backing up your content before moving to a new device.

Backup Rundown: Multi-platform Options for Preserving Your Device Data

In one sense, it’s even more important to back up your smartphone or tablet than your computer.

Why? Switching to a new device at upgrade time becomes much simpler. Smartphones also get damaged and lost far more often than laptops do, whether it’s from phones falling into swimming pools, being left behind on planes or getting washed and dried in the pockets of your pants.

By backing up your data, you get peace of mind from knowing your information is protected—no matter what phone you own or what might happen to it.

So, how do you back up your data? Depending on the type of smartphone or tablet you use and your wireless service provider, there are a number of options, including free services. Keep in mind that any data backed up using your wireless network may incur fees according to your data plan.

Backup Assistant Plus

Verizon Wireless customers who are billed monthly can sign up for Backup Assistant Plus (, a secure online storage service that lets you back up photos, contacts, music, documents and videos. Also, because Backup Assistant Plus stores your data “in the cloud,” you can access it from a computer, mobile phone, tablet, netbook or web browser. All you need is an Internet connection. The service is available at no monthly charge for up to 500 MB of online storage, and more storage is available starting at $2.99 per month for 25 GB.

Backup Assistant Plus is a new Verizon Wireless service that combines the features of V CAST Media Manager, Backup Assistant, and Sync & Connect. If you currently subscribe to any of those services, you will receive an upgrade to Backup Assistant Plus—at no additional cost. Check to see whether your phone is compatible at


With most phones running Android 2.2 or later, you can readily back up many types of data to a free Google account—including Gmail and Google Calendar, phone settings (e.g., Wi-Fi settings, your wallpaper, etc.), and (as long as the developer enabled backup capability) even apps and app data. To save other data, like photos, you might consider Verizon’s Backup Assistant Plus or another third-party solution available on Google Play.


BlackBerry Protect (, available from Research in Motion on Blackberry App World™, is a free app that you can use to wirelessly back up and restore contacts, calendars, memos, text messages and more. Also, if you lose your smartphone, you can log on to BlackBerry Protect to lock the device and locate it on a map.

What did we miss? Let us know what your favorite backup tool is and what type of phone you’re using it on.
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Just use Google, then this happens automatically.
I've picked up the Galaxy Nexus. Please release the update that was given to select users. This is insane.......
I'd still grab the nexus as the update is on it's way. The only thing nice about the maxx is the battery life. If you truly want a droid razr the razr HD is coming out very soon and a 720p display is amazing.
I don't have a date but if you can hold off there is the razr hd, htc phablet with a 1080p display and the Galaxy S3 all lined up for the next few months. From what I've read the razr hd and Galaxy S3 are launching in that order.
+J. Edward Romeo What more does the maxx offer over the other Razr models (besides internal storage which was offered on the first release of the model) then a larger battery?
You are right, that the only real difference between the Razr and the Razr Maxx is the battery (well, and how much nicer the slightly thicker Maxx feels in your hands), but I really was trying to compare it to the Gnex.
I have both the RAZR and the Nexis what would you like to know? I like my RAZR better for battery style and camera
+Mike Ventura amen. If anyone at Verizon actually reads this thing they should get moving because im about to jump over to at&t. 
Google provides this service for free. We don't need your bloatware.
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