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Android KitKat will roll out in phases starting today for Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition: 
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hopefully Note 3 won't be long..just seems like an awful long time for a flagship device
Kada će kit kat doći na samsung s 3?
Hey +Verizon Wireless when are you gonna give that update to the Galaxy note 3..... are you forgetting something?
NOTE 3 UPDATE PLEASE. It's a little bit ridiculous when the DROID DNA gets 4.4 before the note 3. Especially considering Verizon is the last carrier to put out 4.4 for the note 3. End rant. +Verizon Wireless
you know whats funny. is +Verizon Wireless for some reason wont let google make a nexus for them since the galaxy nexus. they want more bloatware, when my waranty ends im flashing my note 3 and putting CM11
Just root your phone already and install kitkat or a custom rom hell I rooted just to get rid of all vzw and a lot of sammy junk
now we wait for the SIII update
+Rob Wilson Not sure I want it. Last "update" jacked my phone. Wish I was savvy enough to root. 
I love this tab!!! Can't wait for the update!!!
MYBE WE SHOULD STOP THIS. Everything goes to the landfills, not everyone recyles. All we are doing, is causing is more global warming!
wawuuuuuu its the latest technology thats i havent seen ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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