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The next big thing is almost here: sign up to learn about the Samsung Galaxy S®6 and Galaxy S®6 Edge on Verizon.
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VzW is ok. 13 years and planing to continue to stay with them.
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Verizon Wireless

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Save Big when you switch to Verizon & trade in your old smartphone for a Droid Turbo.

Switch to Verizon. Purchase a Droid Turbo on Edge & receive a $100 Bill Credit + get a $100+ gift card by trading in your old smartphone (Must be in good working condition. Bill credit applied in 2-3 bill cycles).
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Does Mark W. Adams, Director of Small Business Marketing really exist or does Verizon send out marketing letter with fake people's names. Funny I opt out of advertisements from Verizon yet they advertise to me anyways
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Verizon Wireless

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Verizon customers with a SAMSUNG GALAXY S® 5, the Android 5.0 Lollipop upgrade has begun rolling out in Phases.
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When are we getting it for the S4?
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A father/daughter surf duo and an entire California town are breathing easier thanks to this technology. #PowerfulAnswers
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IPhone 4s bought through ebay. it turned out that is tied to Verizon. please tell me how to untie it
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Grandma Ellie’s BACK with last minute tech gift ideas – just in the nick of time! #GoodMore
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What would y'all say that is the best carrier for prepaid service & the best cell phone for prepaid 
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Verizon Wireless

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Grandma Tested. Everyone Approved. Get Grandma Ellie’s fab tech advice here: #GoodMore 
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Why did the alarm go off
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Have them in circles
1,939,320 people
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See why smartphone gesture tech for disabled people won a Powerful Answers Award.
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This us di fantastic
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Watch how these shy kids turned into brave leaders. #PotentialOfUs
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+Zach Krpan i had t-mobile they screwed me over even tho they were draining all my moeny at least a couple thousand in a few months
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Verizon Wireless

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Congratulations to this year’s Powerful Answers Award winners! Their solutions will help tackle the world’s biggest challenges.
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Happy Holidays from Grandma Ellie! Check out this album of all of our favorite #GoodMore moments! 
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I got a lg g3 for Xmas and I was wondering when lollipop will be available?
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Verizon Wireless

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Quality time doesn’t always have to involve unplugging. Enjoy family time this holiday season with these high tech ideas. 
Think quality time has to always involve unplugging? Think again. Here are some high tech ideas for enjoying family time this holiday season.
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Stick with ATT. Just had a intense conversation with socalled customer service.
If I could get out of my contract, I would do it this moment.
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You can’t stop Grandma! She’s back w/ +Makeup Geek talking holiday tech & makeup! #GoodMore
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Well y'all get one an let me know how it is an I'll go from there
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