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Vastu Shastra standards are totally particular to people as indicated by their introduction to the world time and day. Its critical as well as basic for the experts of Vastu Shastra to accomplish exceptionally solid information of Jyotish or Vedic Astrology before endeavoring to offer Vastu Shastra conferences to individuals. Its like a wrongdoing to offer Vastu direction to individuals without comprehension and considering their horoscope in subtle element and associating that with the graph of the property.

I myself spent numerous years learning Jyotish or Vedic Astrology truly and completely from the best accessible educators and bosses before beginning my vocation as an expert Vastu Shastri.

When somebody chooses to manufacture another house or do changes, adjustments and alterations in the current property, intensive visionary diagrams ought to be made, contemplated and related before giving any Vastu direction.

A property, at all enormous or little, must be strategically partitioned into 81 Vastu vitality zones and 64 Vastu diety zones to touch base at a clear conclusion before offering any Vastu proposal or suggestion.

The accompanying Vastu Shastra standards are general in nature are for quick direction for the laymen, who have no earlier learning of Vastu Shastra or Jyotish/Vedic Astrology. However, please recall that Vastu Shastra is an intense science and it takes years of practice and experience to touch base at conclusions which are transformative for advancement for individuals' wellbeing, bliss, profession, achievement and thriving.

As far as I can tell of 35 years as an expert Vastu Shastri in more than 32 nations, I have seen individuals making bungles (and genuinely enduring colossal misfortunes and wellbeing emergencies) on the premise of scholarly learning. They made their own inferences, which were entirely far and inverse to the genuine embodiment of Vastu Shastra.

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Fraud in the name of Vastu Shastra

Almost 50% of the people who call me to know or consult about Vastu Shastra, have been influenced by the fraud of pyramids, copper wires or some copper energy plates and copper energy rods, which the Vastu charlatans claim, move of their own. Some frauds have come up with a even a better idea of some sort of energy meters (which they claim read the negative Vastu energy) to outsmart others in the competition, to grab more clients.

Common man all over the world is very gullible and easily fall prey to such tricksters. The placebo effect of such objects cannot be ruled out, as human mind tends to believe in short cuts and miracles. Majority of people are driven by fear (of suffering losses or landing in adverse situation) and greed (to accumulate more and become rich quickly without working hard) and easily succumb to misleading and unverified claims of such fraud in the name of Vastu, Jyotish, Tantra etc.

For the layman its very important to understand the truth before trusting someone to be claiming as a Vastu expert. Be aware that anyone who insists on pyramids, copper wires or some copper energy plates and copper energy rods or Vastu energy meters is not doing Vastu as Vastu Shastra has nothing to do with such things. Classical and authentic Vastu Shastra is the simple science of five elements, eight directions, 64 Vastu Deity zones, 81 Vastu Energy zones, 27 nakhshatras (stars) and 9 planets.

The traditional Vastu Shastris in South India mostly worked on the Vastu Purusha energy combining with five elements, eight directions, 64 Vastu Deity zones, 81 Vastu Energy zones, 27 nakhshatras (stars) and 9 planets and are very successfully guiding people for many centuries. I myself have turned thousands of loss making businesses and industries into highly successful ventures with the use of pyramids, copper wires or some copper energy plates and copper energy rods. I always trust my experience and intuition and have never failed to help my clients.

Before you trust someone as an Vastu expert, do check his or her credentials, experience and knowledge. Its not about frauds who fool us but about us who get influenced by the fraud.

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Vastu / Vastu Shastra For Residential Complexes
My experience reveals that because of serious Vastu flaws many residential complexes continuously attract criminal activity, thefts, pilferage of all sorts, unusually high maintenance expenses, unwanted and unpredictable discord between residents, unlawful and illegal activities and frequent breakdowns in essential services. I have seen unexpected fire accidents, murders, suicides in residential facilities or community livings because of bad Vastu planning.
The following components of a residential complex need to be in harmony with elements and each other for a happy, trouble free, joyful and smooth community living.
a. Main entrance and other entrances
b. Security office
c. Resident welfare office
d. Car parking
e. Layout of residential blocks and buildings
f. Water tanks
g. Electric meters and power generators
h. Swimming pools
i. Parks and open lawns
j. Gymnasium
k. Guest houses
l. Sports and physical activity facilities
m. Trash management
n. Sewer system
o. Rain water management

I first broadly check the residential facility dividing it into 9 Vastu zones including the central part. My next step is to divide it further into 64 Vastu deity zones to run a check on all the entry and exit drive in and drive out gates. Finally I again divided the complex into 81 Vastu energy zones finely observe the energy blocks.
I scan the building heights and their proportionate relation to the entire area of the residential building complex. I pay attention to the electric distribution

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Vastu / Vastu Shastra For Industrial Projects
Thanks to God that with the help of my unique Vastu Shastra tools, which keep evolving and enriching with every new project by HIS grace and blessings, I have been able to turn around many industries and industrial projects, which were on the brink of closing down, into highly successful and profit making ventures.
In my experience of traveling and doing Vastu Shastra consultations through all four corners of this world, several times, I have observed that badly planned industrial units from the point of view of Vastu parameters, either fail to take off or fair very badly facing problems of all sorts including financial crises, accidents, strikes and continuous road blocks.
Shape of the land, where a industrial unit has been commissioned, plays a very crucial role in its success or failure. Entry gate for the raw material and exit gate for the finished product is another important thing. Storage area for raw material and as well for finished products is again of paramount importance.
Electric substation, power generators, water storage areas should also be elementally correct, corresponding with Vastu parameters.
I keenly observe all the following components of an industrial unit for identifying the Vastu flaw and blocks in energy.
a. Raw material and storage
b. Raw material processing
c. Various components of production (depending upon the type of production)
d. Quality control and inspection
e. Research and development
f. Lab testing
g. Storage of finished goods
h. Loading bays and shipment
i. Toilets for workers
j. Pantry and dining area for workers
k. Recreational activities
l. Residential quarters for workers
m. Administrative office
n. Electric substation and power generation
o. Water management and water storage
I first pay maximum attention to the entire land area of an industrial unit, keenly observing its shape, size and land elevations. Then I divide it into 9 Vastu zones identifying the missing or extension of Vastu zones. Then I further make 64 Vastu deity zone divisions to check entry point for the raw material, exit point for the finished goods. I also check all the other crucial gates and doors on Vastu parameters and run a check through 64 Vastu deity zones. Finally I divide the industrial land into 81 Vastu energy zones to finely analyze the missing zones or extended zones to diagnose the real problem. Most of my clients become awestruck when I describe the real problems being faced by a industrial unit, without asking a single question.
This is simply and absolutely God’s kind grace. Vastu Shastra is a divine science and the blessings and grace of the divinity is very important. I function and succeed only because HE choses me to help someone. This is all divine conspiracy.
I then prepare Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) charts of the key people including CEO, Managing Director, President, study them thoroughly, check their compatibility with the chart of the Industrial unit. I follow a specific way to prepare the astrological chart of the Industrial unit I visit to do consultation for. I then suggest necessary Vastu corrections and proactive suggestions to clear the negative blocks and help flow positive Vastu energy.

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Vastu / Vastu Shastra For Commercial Ventures
Commercial ventures or corporate offices have altogether different Vastu Shastra dynamics. There are different components of a commercial space. In my experience of offering professional Vastu Shastra consultations for a huge number of commercial ventures all over the world I have observed that despite an efficient team of very dedicated and skilled workers and executives, experienced management and creative planning the business turn over fail to reach the magic figures.
The following components of a business office or commercial venture have to be in harmony with each other as per the Vastu directions and elements.
a. Reception
b. Sales and marketing
c. Expansions and growth
d. Purchase and procurement
e. President, CEO and managing director
f. Board room
g. Publicity
h. Conference and meeting rooms
i. Computer server, fax, copiers and printers
j. Management and administration
k. Accounts and finance
l. Pantry and refreshments
m. Toilets
I first identify the commercial office complex or corporate office facility in 9 Vastu zones including Brahma Sthana. Then I further divide it into 64 Vastu deity zones to check and correct doors and entrances and finally I again divided into 81 Vastu energy zones to analyze, tune and correct energy blocks.
I also analyze the name of the business and tune and correct that according to Vastu dynamics. I also prepare Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) charts of the key people including CEO, Managing Director, President, study them thoroughly, check their compatibility with the chart of the commercial venture. Then I suggest necessary remedies, Vastu corrections and proactive suggestions to grow the business to its fullest potential.

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Vastu / Vastu Shastra For Homes
General Vastu Principles For Planning Houses

A property, big or small, has to be technically calculated and divided into 81 Vastu energy zones and 64 Vastu diety zones to arrive at a definite conclusion before offering any Vastu suggestion or recommendation. This is a must as adverse flow of Vastu energy can cause many challenges.

Vastu Shastra for different and specific areas of the house has already been detailed.

The following guidelines are general and can be widely applied for checking your space of living. Vastu directions are related with different activities represented by different elements.

1.North : North direction or Soma is good for main entrance. But 64 Vastu deity zones should be considered before deciding the exact location. Its good to have open space, balconies, windows, exit/entry doors, car park, verandah , wash basin, living/sitting room ,basement around this area.

2.North East: Northeast or Ishana is most auspicious or Vastu friendly direction in Vastu Shastra. We can plan main entrance, entry/exit doors, windows, meditation and prayer room, car garage, kid’s study area, tube well or bore well and underground water tank and basement in this direction.

3.East: East or Indra direction is good for main entrance, car garage, home office, sitting room or guest receiving area.

4.South East: Southeast or agneya or fire zone is good for kitchen & dining, storage of food items, electric meter, fire place, boiler and barbeque. Servant / domestic help living area can also be planned here.

5.South: There should be less open space in the south or Yama zone. Master bedroom, family bedrooms, storage of large items, storage of expensive material can be planned here. Preferable there should not be entry/exit doors leading out of the house in this area.

6.South West: Nairitya or Southwest area of a house is the key to stability and power. We can plan master bedroom, stairs (going up), mezzanine floor, large storage of cash and jewelry in this area. Overhead water tank on the roof or terrace can also be planned here.

7.West: Varuna or West zone is good for planning main entrance, overhead water tank, dining area, relatively small open space, small garden and extra toilets.

8.North West: Northwest or Vayavya is good for keeping pets, for planning guest bedroom, kid’s bedroom, television room, family entertainment or home theatre. You can also locate car garage or alternatively servant / domestic help living area.

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Vastu Shastra for laundry or washing machine

A big revolution has occurred in most homes all around the world. Hardly anyone handwashes clothes. Every home either has a laundry, washing machine or specially designated area for washing clothes. Primary element here is water with lots of activity along with some water heating as well. The preference from Vastu perspective is Northwest direction or zone of the house.

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Vastu Shastra for prayer room / pooja room

Very few of us are atheists. Most of us, irrespective of the religion we belong to, wish to pray or meditate to thank the divinity every day. Ishan or Indra kona, which is North East or East part of the house, is the ideal part of the house to pray. It’s not a good idea to make a big temple or keep many photos or statues in the prayer room in the house. This may prove too distracting. In many houses with big temples or large prayer rooms I have seen people hardly going there to pray, which is even worse.

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Vastu Shastra for the dining area

In today’s urban environment formal and informal dining area have sort of fused into one. Only very large houses and big families have two or sometimes even three different dining areas. Dining area can be closed to both, kitchen and sitting area. The ideal directions are Southeast, East, North, Northwest. Central part of the house or Brahmasthana is equally good as this is the area to play and family bonding. Many people become overtly concerned about the shape of the dining table. My advise is that whatever shape of the dining table suits the ambience of your house is fine. Do not be concerned about its being round, as many stupid Vastu consultants create undue anxiety in people’s mind. As longs its beautiful, aesthetic and convenient and goes well with your taste its fine.

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Vastu Shastra for kitchen

No doubt the best direction and Vastu zone for kitchen is Agneya Kona or South East direction but second best option is Vayavya or North West direction. In case there is a paucity of space and no other option is available, a part of East direction or Indra Kona can also be used with caution. However kitchen should at best be avoided in the extreme middle part of the house, which is the Brahm Sthana and in South or South West direction, respectively known as Yama and Nairitya.

The kitchen these days comprise of many helpful friendly gadgets, which have become quite indispensable to work without.

a. Cooking stove, cooking range, oven and exhaust chimney; With wide range of options available we can choose between different size and models suitable to our needs. Size can be according to the space available in the kitchen. Location of cooking stove or cooking range whether gas or electric is ideal in the southeast corner or towards the southeast wall. Its ok if one is facing east or southeast or agneya kona while cooking. Similarly exhaust chimney’s location should be compatible with the cooking stove unit.
b. Microwave, toaster, water boiler or small grill; these electrical gadgets are primarily used for cooking, toasting, grilling, boiling or heating food and water. The primary element here is fire and by now you know that this too should be around the southeast wall or corner of the kitchen.
c. Chopper, mixer, grinder and food blender; these helpful electrical gadgets can be conveniently stored and operated around the southeast, north or northwest corner or wall of the kitchen.
d. Washing, dish washer and sink; These primary involve water element and therefore north or northwest area inside the kitchen is the ideal Vastu location for them.
e. Water purifier; Primary element is water with filtering activity so North, northeast area of the kitchen is ideal location.
f. Fridge, refrigerator; These days even if the family is small, the size of the fridge or refrigerator is increasing as number of prepared or raw food options have become available in the market. The truth is that the fridge or the refrigerator has become the largest and biggest gadget of the modern kitchen. It should be placed around the south or southwest area of the kitchen.
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