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Janet Fox
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Janet Fox

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Janet Fox

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Unboxing and review of the FlashVAPE ;-)

Janet Fox

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The use of medical cannabis is growing in the U.S. and more often it is shown that it may be crucial for mothers. All around the country, mothers are fighting for a medical cannabis program for the...
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Great now mothers addicted to the pot are trying to elaborately cheat this fraud of a system so they can get their dope fix. Just wait until they all get all marijuana'd up or whatever and drive their cars off bridges and kill their entire families. #sarcasm

Janet Fox

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A medical cannabis throat lozenge may help prevent deaths from the swine flu according to Robert Melamede, owner of Cannabis Science, a pharmaceutical cannabis company. If Melamede is correct the l...

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EINDHOVEN - Beroepsentertainer Johan Vlemmix heeft weer iets nieuws. Met zijn Partij van de Toekomst voert hij binnenkort in Eindhoven campagne met een heuse wietmachine. Die vormt met het beoogde drugsbeleid hét speerpunt van de partij.

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unlike the poppy  users!!!! and tobacco smokers not to mention the meth heads
Vaporizer reviews: Honest and oplenly reviewed. We are a group of freelance media professionals (writers, photographers, designers and coders) based in Amsterdam. Our aim is to bring a level of accuracy, fairness and professionalism to the coverage of 420 or cannabis as a medicine for body and mind. While it is our ambition to be able to play a role in the debate that will lead to normalisation of cannabis use for health and recreation, we recognize that this is a huge and challenging task, one that we look forward to. We want to hear about your experiences, tap into the knowledge of (medical marijuana) vaporizer users, and create a community in which we can share with everyone.
Vaporizer reviews: Until not too long ago I didn't know what a vaporizer is and what the difference would be. My view about vaporizers completely changed the moment I tried a few. A new world opened up to me and I was immediately sold. At I try to give you the most objective and honest vaporizer reviews possible. It is so important to make the right choice with these devices as your preferences are by definition other than mine. Go over there and see what we've got.
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Vaporizer reviews are mostly done by people being too afraid to show their faces. We are not.
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Herbal and marijuana vaporizer reviews is what I do best.
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