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I am so terrified to say thank you. There's one teeny, tiny, yet insanely relevant comparison to a deity in there and... well... we all know how that worked out for Andromeda!

Muninn just chuckled at the reference, and Huginn's been cackle-laughing for a while. I swear, if they run and tell Odin about this post I will use their tail-feathers for my writing quills!

Still... praise coming from such a kindred spirit as you does wonders for lifting a flagging spirit. I loved the 1st chapter teaser of The Quest of Wyndracer and Fyrehunter, and I cannot wait to curl up with Task Force: Gaea!
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Hear M/M author #BradVance  being interviewed by the 3 M/Musketeers. It's like chocolate, only better, and with fewer calories...
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