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#FactFriday  - Eleven of +Thomson Reuters "World's Most Influential Scientific Minds: 2014" work here at USC!

The list includes:
- Dean Steve Kay of the +USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences. Just this week, Dean Kay's lab published new research wherein they have created the 1st master library of genetic switches in plants.
-Arthur Toga, Paul Thompson and Berislav Zlokovic, of +Keck Medicine of USC, were honored for their work in neuroscience & behavior by Thomson Reuters.
-Eileen Crimmins, of the USC Davis School, was honored for her work in social sciences.
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I'm looking forward to being a law school applicant to the university in the late fall/early part of winter! 
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Proof of entanglement - that's big.

#Research published by Dr. Federico Spedalieri and co-authors in the peer-reviewed journal Physical Review X have shown the effect of entanglement in eight units of #quantum information in the Lockheed-Martin D-Wave computer being researched at USC.
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Wow! Ray Rice Slappin A Woman Got More Attention Than Universal Truths Themselves,

Well Let me add this to that.....

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Is Almost Here!

Please Consider Sharing This Video Of A Pals Breast Form Getting Ran Over By A Truck, It's a Great Product, and One That Will Change Lives!

Share The Breast Vs Truck For Survivors
Breast Cancer Awareness Month
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Marc Benioff of +Salesforce urges every #USCGrad  to "do something for others" in this #commencementspeech .
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I saw his speach may 16 th 2014
The morning ceremony, beautiful, just beautiful
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Cool #data  out of +SCEC shows they use  #supercomputers  more than 2x as much as 2 years ago. It also shows their increased efficiency.

Supercomputers are used to perform calculations in #earthquake  forecasting and modeling simulations.

Learn more about the +SCEC high performance computing team (aka Community Modeling Environment) and how they do earthquake science research: 
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Thank you for the mention. We are excited about our research accomplishments happening with high-performance computing and encourage everyone to check out the link above for more information, including our visualizations!
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On this day in 1912, USC became the Trojans. #fighton
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Congratulations on the anniversary. Fight on Trojans!
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On Saturday, USC's The Spirit of Troy attended the concrete pour for Wilshire Grand, due to be the tallest skyscraper in the western U.S. when it's finally built. More than 2,100 truckloads of concrete were poured over 18 hours, setting a Guinness world record for the largest continuous pour. The building is being constructed by Korean Air, whose CEO is USC Trustee Yang-ho Cho. Thanks to Gary Leonard for the photographs.
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Check out my page
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#FactFriday: #USC student Tommy Walker composed the trumpet “Charge” - - heard at many popular sporting events!
English: treble staff with notes for "charge (fanfare)" not to be confused with the bugle call "Charge". Date, 16 December 2008. Source, Own work. Author, Just plain Bill. Other versions. { \relative c'' { \times 2/3 {g8 c e} g8.\staccato e16 g2 } } ...
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Anh Vu
+SHADOWTHEHEDGEHOG FROM06 USC Thorton School of Music admissions is found here I would try to read the application requirements for each specific departments and get ready for auditions! Let me know if I can be any further help. Good Luck, and positive vibes to you!
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A #throwbackThursday  to the inspiring speech presented by +Rainn Wilson of +SoulPancake at the USC Baccalaureate event last week.

Wilson says that happiness is like "cotton candy". See what he suggests as a more worthwhile pursuit...
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Saw it in person!!! Brilliant!!
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+Elon Musk shared his 4 points to build a successful #career  or #business  in his  #commencementspeech  for the Undergraduate Ceremony at the +USC Marshall School of Business.
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The #jacarandas  are in full #bloom  in front of the USC University Club! We're enjoying this beautifully #sunny   #spring  day here on campus.
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Check out my page for an awesome series!
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Engineers and scientists are real-life superheroes! The USC Viterbi School of Engineering is encouraging girls to think about their careers and solve world problems through science.
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As the #Olympics gets underway, here's a biomechanics lesson from Professor Jill McNitt-Gray on what #bobsled racers need to do to get a fast start. The secret is in the position of their feet. #Sochi #Sochi2014  
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