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Fun foodie history!  Love the Drive-In!
Foodie History - June 6, 1933, marks the opening of the first drive-in theater on Crescent Boulevard in Camden, New Jersey, U.S.A.  It was started by Richard M. Hollingshead, Jr., along with three other investors.  It took three weeks and $30,000 to complete.  When done,  the drive-in theater could hold 400 cars on its ten acre lot.  As such, June 6th is now considered Drive-In Theater Day.  

How do you celebrate such a day?  Since it’s hard to find an actually Drive-in nowadays, most people just rent some movies and have a bowl of their favorite popcorn ready.   Well we Foodies know that a great movie experience is only heightened by great popcorn.   So we don’t just settle on plain popped kernels.  Nope, some of us like to dress things up a bit with some seasoned salts, some powdered cheeses, or even some sweet toppings like caramel or milk chocolate cone-dip.  How do you make popcorn spectacular?


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Popcorn is a great comfort food.
Consider making your own popcorn too! Super easy!
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