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This new Cassini image is going to   B L O W   Y O U R   M I N D
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Whoa. That sure is making me blustery.
There's some interesting counter rotating vortices going on. Can you imagine having to drop a probe down into the "eye" of that mess?
Is this like a super Sandy/ Katrina? What wd be the dia of this "mess"?
I'd estimate this cyclone at about 3000 to 4000 km across. Just a rough guess.
Keith H
The hexagon shape puzzles me. What's the technical reason that's its hexagonal and not 5 or 7 sided instead? Has the number of sides ever changed for the storm?
surely no suntanning activities in there... 
It looks like somethin from the move day after tomorrow
Eskimos of "that" N Pole wd be saying, "brace up! Heard Sandy caused havoc in NY n NJ on Earth. This s* is worse!"
Looks like creamy milk chocolate.

N. N8v
Wow that is interesting and very awesome
john you are right yes its looks like creamy milk chocolate
Did somebody flush the bowel up there?
Yes, it is! Very deep
wow! I'm still thinking about it lol
Am I the only one who has noticed that area arounf pole has hexahedron shape???
Imagine diving into that cloud cover to refuel your interplanetary ship with hydrogen and
Good point +Keith H. I wonder what the math and physics are behind this unusual hexagonal pattern. Does anyone know if similar natural phenomena been observed on earth or other planets?
Leo M
wtf is stupid
Amazing shot! In most pictures of Saturn, its sheer immensity gives an impression of smoothness. This really highlights the ragged details.
Its like a maelstrom of galaxies!
hey a cup of coffee fall down from above
looks like about 50 hurricanes to me
Yes, good question, although hexagon does seem to be more natural in some way than something seven sided, one probably has to go to dynamics for this.
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