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Our Phases of the Moon App is now a Lunar Atlas

We've made a major update to our Phases of the Moon app, turning your iOS/Android device into a full Lunar Atlas. It's still only $.99 on Google Play.

Pinch-zoom the Moon to make it bigger and reveal lunar features like craters, seas and spacecraft landing sites.

Here's a link to our article that explains it better:
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I've bought the app. Is there a way to turn off the ad for the app that appears when I visit the Universe Today website on my Android tablet?  It's very large and takes up a third of the screen space.  I'd appreciate a way to make it go away with an "X" in the corner or something.
Heck for .99 cents I got to try it.
Nice update! I really like the pinch-to-zoom and all the labels and information that you get.
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